Scene from a Costco

I got ‘yer metaphor right here.

Give it two more weeks, and you can probably pick up that Tech chair for under twenty bucks.


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28 responses to “Scene from a Costco

  1. DawgFlan

    And they’ll throw in a 60 pack of Coke along with 48 hot dogs.

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  2. Spike

    Is this a great country or what!?!


  3. Mayor

    Costco will have to pay people $20 to take them.

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  4. Bright Idea

    But that Tech chair is a whole lot smarter.


  5. FisheriesDawg

    This sort of thing is why I don’t ever want that game to go off our schedule.

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  6. DavetheDawg

    Soon, no child in Honduras shall be chair-less

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  7. Josh

    Well, duh. The Tech chair is MUCH harder to get into.

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  8. Daniel Simpson Day

    There’s a Jack Benny story in there somewhere. What a deal though.


  9. Disclaimer: comes with an obstructed view.

    How did I do?


  10. TMC DAWG

    Heard on the radio that they were having trouble selling season tickets. So we know the chair will be even more discounted.


  11. Dawgy1

    Costco is paying the buyer $26.99 to take the Tech chair.


  12. Vidaliaway

    I will buy one just so Tech can kiss my ass every time I sit down.

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  13. W Cobb Dawg

    According to Clark Howard, when the number ends in .97 Costco is selling the item below cost. I’m sure we’ll cross that threshold soon.


  14. Haute Dawg

    Must be some assembly required.


  15. Cousin Eddie

    They were going to do it BOGO but rembered tech fans don’t have friends


  16. vectordawg

    I wish I could get my hands on one of those UGA chairs. Only thing I can get here is that Ole Miss shit!


  17. Scott88

    It’s alright, it’s OK, we’ll discount your chair someday!