Passing thought on Mullen

If I’m picking Florida to be Georgia’s biggest challenge in the East this season — and I have to admit I’m leaning that way — here’s an indication of the reason why:

No Florida quarterback has thrown more than 12 touchdown passes in a season since Tim Tebow in 2009. It’s a glaring statistic that shows just how inept Florida’s offense has been since.

Mullen ain’t perfect, but one thing he’s shown consistently throughout his coaching career is that he knows how to develop quarterbacks.  The Gators are a flawed team, but if Mullen can construct a viable passing game out of what he’s got on the roster, they’ll be a pretty decent one.

It’s not like he’s got anywhere to go but up, either.


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20 responses to “Passing thought on Mullen

  1. Greg

    Concur, just talking about this yesterday. Also thinks they beat Mississippi State this year. Florida has had a horrible time at the QB position, thinks Mullen improves it. Thinks they win 8-9 this year, we win, but gonna be a tough game for us imo.


  2. willypmd

    I’m thinking last years Mississippi State team would beat this years Gators. They had a better QB and better defense than what UF will field this year.

    We dismantled that team with extreme prejudice and as far as I can tell it’s the same coaching staff. I’m not saying Mullen won’t succeed, but I just don’t see it yet.

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  3. Brandon

    I agree Florida is going to bounce back if for no other reason than they won’t have 10 or so good players suspended for the year. We should beat them, but a 4-7 year out of them is anomaly we can’t get used to with all the talent in that state.


    • Russ

      Yep, how many of those 10 are back and will be contributors? Seems like one of them was a good WR. What about the others?

      I still think we’ll beat them, but I doubt they will be as inept.


    • Cojones

      Don’t look now, but they have 12 out (five for disciplinary) and things can get worse. I’m sure Mullins can heal them all before playing us, but what about the loss of practice for reinstated players? That’s gotta sting (unless, of course, they are just training in secret with staff attendant and that may be against the rules), but I’ll betcha that buncha miscreants being disciplined are so disciplined already that they have been practicing and conditioning on their own. Betcha they are getting the correct vitamins and minerals for healthy bodies by using that frying pan on a stove instead of a drug rumble.

      Btw, whatever happened to that investigation of the car rental perk that the gambler gave them and as to how well they all are acquainted? Certainly that will settle before the last days of Oct.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well I agree that if anyone can improve the QB situation at UF it is Dan Mullen. On the other hand, they have a lot more problems there besides QB. If all he had to do was fix the QB situation I’d be optimistic if I was Gator. But that place is a swamp right now. I think they are at least a year away from credibility, and it might be more if F$U, Miami, and FAU (not to mention Bama and UGA) keep getting the best local talent. They have to get a rudder on that battleship to turn it.


  5. Dawg1

    Dak was a future all pro, so hard to mess that up.

    Fitzgerald threw for a pedestrian 15 TDs and 11 Ints, his QBR went down last year, he was last in the league in deep balls and poor to say the least on 3rd down.

    Not sure I get all the love.


  6. Jack Burton

    Mullen sucks and so does Franks.


  7. Mike Cooley

    Same here. Why do we think Dan Mullen can develop quarterbacks? How much development went on with Tebow and Prescott? And Fitzgerald wasn’t exactly Cam Newton.



    7-5 sounds about right…


  9. Derek

    I think UF is probably the second best team in the east and that’s a sad comment on its current state. May it never change.


  10. William Abbott

    Brantley, Reed, Brissett, Driskel, Murphy, Mornhinweg, Harris, Appleby, Del Rio, Franks the damn Gators would kill to have Will Grier back. Forget Tebow, Wuerrfel, Leak or Grossman they would settle for Shane Matthews or Doug Johnson right now😂


    • DoubleDawg1318

      Driskel and Brissett made it to the pros. UF didn’t screw up for a lack of talent. They just couldn’t develop anyone.


  11. Cojones

    Senator, did you mean for your post title , Passing Thought on Mullins, to be read like passing gas on… ? I don’t think it will work, especially since he may be allergic.


  12. Mayor

    In order to have a passing attack: First you have to have an OL that can block. Then you have to have a QB who can throw. Then you have to have receivers who can catch. I’m not seeing much of any of those in the Gators coming off their 4-8 season.


  13. BowlDawg14

    Just remember though…
    Mullen had a full roster of hand-picked players including a QB with a couple of years of tutelage @ MissST… and they scored a whopping 3 points against Kirby…Are we really worried about his first year with someone else’s recruits….that COULDN’T even recruit???


  14. dawgtired

    Put me down for one who doesn’t think this is the year UF steps up. Kirby is a good coach and he took over a talented loaded team coming off a 10 win season…and it took him two years. UF has had problems and the coaching staff is all new. I think maybe two or three years Mullen has them competitive.


  15. DoubleDawg1318

    Picking 2nd between SC and UF is difficult but I could totally see UF getting hot and sneaking by SC for a distant 2nd behind the good guys.