Today, in false equivalence

WTF, James Franklin?

You know, between Corch, Harbaugh and Franklin, the Big Ten East has the greatest concentration of douchebag head coaches in college football today.



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32 responses to “Today, in false equivalence

  1. Merk

    One of these is not like the other?


  2. Greg

    Probably was confident nobody would check check or remember….but I bet his wife is HAWT!

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  3. ApalachDawg

    Franklin = douchebag


  4. What the heck is he talking about? We beat the Mountaineers down last year. They scored 10 cheap points against our subs in the 4th quarter after the point was made.

    James Franklin = big douche bag


  5. ChiliDawg

    Somebody help me out – WTF was he talking about?


    • 81Dog

      Fake sports news. Apparently, our collective memory of beating App State like a drum last year was mistaken, according to Franklin, and is a partial explanation for the near loss his team escaped with yesterday.


  6. Spike

    Grantham should have decked his smart ass in Nashville when he had the chance.

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  7. 904Dawg

    Did App State beat UT in recent history? I don’t remember that although it wouldn’t surprise me if it actually happened due to my lack of interest in that program since they’ve become a punch line bag of shit. I only pay attention to what those hillbillies are up to when we play them or when FU plays them (only because I’m praying for a meteor).

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  8. JCDawg83

    That asshole Franklin went to the Joseph Goebbels school of interviewing. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

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  9. TXBaller

    Since there is no CMR thread, allow me to cast the first stone…..bed shitting extreme!!! I’m sure Katherine’s illness will be the continued excuse…..theres always SavSt next week to get well.


  10. dawgfan

    I wonder what was more painful, losing Swift or Fields?


  11. Russ

    So, when does Franklin get canned? Celebrating an OT win against App State is a fireable offense, right?


  12. He referenced this before the game as well:

    Scroll down a little bit. I think he must have watched it very cut up–obviously missed where we inserted the true freshman quarterback after the starter goes down and then went on to dominate.


  13. Sorry it was only 31-10, James. We had a true freshman quarterback come in off the bench and play his first college game.


  14. Since we have no gameday thread for Miami v. LSU….

    Classic Mark Richt game:

    ✔ Poop the bed/not competitive in a huge national game.
    ✔ Team doesn’t look ready to play.
    ✔ Poor o-line play.
    ✔ Lack of o-line depth.
    ✔ Terrible 3rd down conversions.
    ❓ Platitudes: “We still have our goals ahead of us.”


  15. UGA was up in that game 31-0 halfway through the fourth quarter. I guess he’s saying App state almost scored 31 unanswered points against our 2-4th teamers in under 6 minutes to force OT.


  16. No Axe to Grind

    I wonder how long it’s going to take the Miami crowd to figure out that they have hired a mediocrity. As long as the Georgia crowd? Time only knows.


  17. Lakatos Intolerant

    PSU overtime escape = UGA not scoring until late 1st quarter vs. ASU (a point he made in weekly pregame presser)


    What a queef

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  18. moe pritchett

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug.


  19. Gotta love it. All the anti Richt crowd comes out in droves. Just let the man go and get over it. I do not think some of you are capable of that though. still madder than hell about not having that NC to masturbate over. From someone who thinks it was time for Richt to go.