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One thing Corch and Saban have in common…

… is that neither of them can apologize for shit.

Pretty low bar you’ve set for yourself, Nick.  “Vilify”?  Seriously?


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Four Peay clips

via UGASports.com.

Too many weapons… with that offensive line, you aren’t going to stop Jake Fromm with single coverage too many times.  And Crumpton’s gotta be one of the most improved players on the team.

What do you see?


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Today, in one of these teams is not like the others

Epic day for the men in Urnge.

I can already tell this isn’t going to get old, at least not for a week.


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Envy and jealousy, pithy observation edition

Nice line, Stewart.


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Corch’s long national nightmare is (almost) over.

Remember, you can’t rehabilitate yourself if you don’t coach.



I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.


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Check out the big brain on Brian.

While I noticed some of you were taking the results of last night’s Miami debacle with a certain amount of glee, don’t overlook the fine night another Georgia coaching alumnus enjoyed.

Louisville’s national rankings, after week one:

At least Richt’s consistent.  It’s amazing how far VanGorder’s declined since he left Georgia.  Remember the guy who was the guru of halftime adjustments?

Maybe he was replaced by a pod person.


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SEC Power Poll, Week One


Quite the opening weekend for SEC football — ranked teams were beaten, P5 schools were boat raced, cupcakes were crushed…

And then there was Tennessee.

  1. Alabama.  Ask Nick Saban no questions, and he’ll tell you no lies.  Aight?
  2. Georgia.  No, the Dawgs weren’t perfect, but, outside of ‘Bama, I didn’t see another conference team this weekend that had as much talent on the roster.
  3. Auburn.  The Tigers claim the biggest win of week one.  I still have questions about their offensive line and running game, but that defensive front seven is totally legit.
  4. Mississippi State.  Your SEC points scored leader through week one and that was with Nick Fitzgerald suspended.
  5. LSU.  Before everybody goes completely off the deep end about this team after beating Miami, consider that Joe Burrow finished the game with a passer rating of 94.83.
  6. Texas A&M.  Jimbo knows how to make a good first impression.  The Aggies ran a whopping 96 plays (tops nationally) and gained an average of almost eight yards per play.  Now, let’s see ’em do that against Clemson.
  7. Florida.  Sure, it was against Charleston Southern, but Felipe Franks throwing five TD passes in the first half is still a sign of progress, considering he threw nine total touchdowns all of last season.
  8. South Carolina.  Boom deserves credit for having the ‘Cocks prepared to take care of business in the opener.  Georgia’s about to get their best shot.
  9. Ole Miss.  Won the first of many shootouts they’ll be in this year — if ever there’s a team to bet the over on consistently this year, it’s Ole Miss — and it was against a P5 opponent.
  10. Missouri.  At least for one week, there was no sign of the SOD Effect.
  11. Vanderbilt.  Somewhat surprisingly, the defense was better than anticipated.  The offense wasn’t anything special, though.  Still, beating the team that embarrassed them in last season’s opener is a good start.
  12. Arkansas.  Your conference leader in passer rating came off the bench when the starter got injured.  Going +5 in turnover margin didn’t hurt, either.
  13. Kentucky.  Struggling to beat Eastern Central Michigan (UK had a mere one-point lead at the half), the ‘Cats already look like they’re rounding into midseason form.
  14. Tennessee.  Let’s hear it for Will Grier, who’s managed to beat the Vols at two different schools.  Sa-loot!


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Are there too many D-1 teams?

I can’t say for sure, but it’s not a good sign when four of ’em get beat by FCS schools in the first week of the season.

I feel for ‘ya, Kansas.


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Brent Musburger’s greatest hit

There’s nothing like getting the opportunity to refresh that time you got to display your inner horndog on national television.


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Fortunately, Kirby hasn’t waited fifty-four years for this team.

Georgia opened as a 10-point road favorite in Columbia.  Before some of you start sniffing at what you might consider an inadequate spread, consider a little history.

Yeah, that went well.

I wonder if Donnan has any words of advice for Kirby this week.


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