Check out the big brain on Brian.

While I noticed some of you were taking the results of last night’s Miami debacle with a certain amount of glee, don’t overlook the fine night another Georgia coaching alumnus enjoyed.

Louisville’s national rankings, after week one:

At least Richt’s consistent.  It’s amazing how far VanGorder’s declined since he left Georgia.  Remember the guy who was the guru of halftime adjustments?

Maybe he was replaced by a pod person.


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26 responses to “Check out the big brain on Brian.

  1. Jack Klompus

    Wouldn’t it stand to reason that he knew it would be a blow out and just went ahead and made his half-time adjustment to start the game?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Same team different point: it’s enjoyable watching Bobby Petrino flounder with a mediocre quarterback. Heck, it’s enjoyable watching Bobby Petrino flounder for any reason.


    • gastr1

      And is this the reason why Petrino has a has-been like Van Gorder? He’s such a washout as a human being that he can’t get anyone decent to work with him anymore?


  3. Debby Balcer

    I don’t understand the glee about anyone doing poorly. It says more about the posters than it does about Richt. Van Gorder should have stayed with Richt. Maybe Petrino thought Hurts would start?


  4. Greg

    Don’t get all of the Richt hate….it’s as though some feel that he cheated them out of a MNC.


  5. Biggen

    If you didn’t see that Miami team as mirror image of UGA for years under Richt, than you are living under a rock.

    Monster hype to start the season – Check
    Preseaon 10 ranking – Check
    Shit the bed performance in the national spotlight – Check
    Disastrous Special Teams play – Check
    An OL that looks more peewee size than D1 – Check
    Head scratching offense play calls – Check
    Losing to a team you were a favorite in – Check
    Keeping coaches around him that are friends/family – Check

    I mean, the list goes on and on. I hope Richt actually succeeds but I don’t believe he has it in him to compete and win more than 10 games a year.


    • ChiliDawg

      Yeah. I don’t feel any “glee” over it, but perhaps a little vindication for all the people who said we were crazy for wanting him gone. That game last night was vintage CMR.

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    • Athens Townie

      Totally agree. The Mark Richt Way was on full display last night in Miami v LSU. It was pretty remarkable how closely the U’s habits track Georgia’s old habits under Richt.

      —pregame scuffle / trash talk
      —horrid special teams
      —poor tackling
      —plenty of talent at skill positions, not enough in the trenches
      —discipline problems and atrocious penalties (8 penalties in the first half, a targeting ejection)
      —soft mentality and folded immediately after an early punch in the mouth
      —physically and mentally whipped by a more tenacious and aggressive team
      —offensive line abused by solid SEC defensive line
      —big game humiliation for Mark
      —utterly crushed by a quality SEC West opponent
      —another loss to top 25 program
      —sideline was unprepared and overwhelmed
      —key player suspended (backup qb)

      Looking ahead at their schedule, I’m sure Miami will get 8+ wins this season. But the Canes will also probably get destroyed next time (and almost every time) they play a quality opponent.

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      • Dolly Llama

        That targeting ejection … my God, talk about cursed. They review to see if the guy fumbled — and he did, clear as day — and upon review, they catch the guy targeting (again, clear as day), kick his ass out, and LSU keeps rolling.


    • Athens Townie

      PS: There’s no glee. Just pity. And relief that we don’t still have “that” team.

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    • CB

      Canes looked bad, but the comeback was in process until it was derailed by a horrific missed facemask call in the 4th qtr that would have given Miami a first down. The odds were stacked against them either way, but I was interested to see it play out.


  6. ASEF

    I heard a lot of people saying Hurts would start. The thinking was Saban would prefer Hurts’ risk-aversion to Tua’s inexperience.

    But if you watched an ounce of film, the disparities in production between the two were stark.

    Richt’s team last night: a DC with a plan that works a lot better on paper than it does in practice, an offensive line the QB doesn’t trust, and special teams that are an adventure.

    He is consistent, give him that.


  7. Ozam

    Without Van Gorder, Richt never gets past year four….


  8. Coondawg

    Van Gorder could scheme like no one else. Dude was insane on knowing play call on down and distance. Straight down hill from Statesboro


  9. No Axe to Grind

    Concerning Richt, History is simply repeating itself. What’s the old saw? Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.


  10. Uglydawg

    I bet Penn Wagers has a CMR doll that he abuses during games.

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  11. Maybe BVG was mostly a product of all the talent on D that Donnan had built up. Idk.

    It is fascinating to see someone who was so undeniably great during his time in Athens be such an absolute dumpster fire everywhere else.

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  12. BVG was possibly the best in the country when it came to facing traditional pro style offenses, which almost everyone ran back then. As soon as the spread came into play, he was never the same. Now add RPO’s and so forth onto it, and he just doesn’t know how to defend modern offenses. He didn’t get dumber, the game just got smarter, and he has never shown the ability to adapt.

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    • I think this is a lot of it. Coupled with the LB that he inherited at UGA, he was able to build rock solid defenses around being dead on with tendencies (which by all accounts he was somewhat of a savant at) and no missed tackles.