Envy and jealousy, pithy observation edition

Nice line, Stewart.


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  1. anon

    It had all the elements of richt team:
    * pregame fight
    * player booted for targeting
    * multiple personal fouls
    * stupid punt formation that resulted in partial block
    * weak O-line
    * finally—-stoic richt taking it all in like an innocent bystander

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  2. stoopnagle

    Hot Take: Miami will go 9-3 or 10-2. Their LOS can’t handle top SEC teams, but can probably make it work in the ACC save FSU and VaTech.


  3. Mark Right is a darn good coach. He is not a great coach. Get used to it Miami.


  4. lakedawg

    Watched part of LSU/Miami and was a think folks undersold LSU a little. They looked a whole lot better than Austin Peavy. Although both LSU and. Miami QB’s looked like dog crap.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      Burrow was terrible throwing the ball. Their OL just abused Miami’s DL.

      Irony alert- Burrow and Rozier had almost identical stats. One is hailed as the savior; the other is vilified as the worst ever. Perception, perception…


  5. Redhotchilidawg

    8 penalties for 75 yards in the first half, including a stupid launching penalty at the end of the first half that negated a chance to get a score before the half. It was like watching old Georgia in orange and green. Kirby isn’t perfect but I do feel like we are more disciplined and Kirby’s insistence on finding inches wherever you can makes a difference.


  6. Tronan

    My best friend from middle school went to Miami, still lives nearby, and remains a big fan. He was excited about the Richt hire. He thought all Miami needed was better recruiting to become nationally relevant again. I told him that, yes, Richt is a good recruiter (compared to Saban and Kirby, not a great one, though) and a better man. But, I warned him that – like the sun rising in the east – Richt-coached teams will shit the bed once a year against equal competition and once a year against a lesser opponent.

    When Miami ran through the first 2/3 of its schedule last year undefeated, my friend was ecstatic. And then the wheels came off. Now, this season has started with a loss like so many of Richt’s at UGA. Maybe they wouldn’t have won even had they played better, but Miami was sloppy, light in the ass on the line, and broke down at the worst possible moments. Georgia fans saw it all before – season after season.

    In a profession full of really awful people, Richt stands out as a decent human being. But he’s frustrating as hell as a coach.


    • Texas Dawg

      I really would love to see Mark Richt succeed as he is truly one of the really good guys as you pointed out. Unfortunately, he has proven time and again he is a really good coach, and not a great coach. When the lights are their brightest, he seems like the FBS stage is too big for him and his teams spit the bit. I think he would be a phenomenal FCS coach where the roster does not need to be as deep and the scrutiny is not as intense. Remember, Donnan was very successful at the next level down at Marshall, but could not translate that level of success to the big show. Perhaps FCS is Richt’s true calling.


      • Tronan

        A lot of people commented in the year or two leading up to his departure from Athens that Richt was better suited for the ACC. The consensus was that, outside of Clemson and FSU, ACC fans are fine with 8-4 and exponentially happier with anything better. If Miami fits into that camp (and I’m not sure it does), then he’s their guy. If not, well, you may well be onto something.

        Like you, I’d love to see the guy tear the lid off (except against us), but even not so recent experience says he won’t.


  7. Will Trane

    UM and MR need a QB.
    And just maybe a running backs coach.
    Their defense looked good at times, but their offense put them in trouble.
    Some of the most inaccurate passing in game 1’s by any D1 QB.
    Plus their Oline, even young needs to move up their play.
    Big boys and depth on Dawgs Oline, but they played “old man’s football”.
    Not encouraging going into Columbia.
    Plus old habits keep coming back to Athens…like targeting.
    Swift goes down.
    Well, a first half sit down, the rotation gets in trouble like Miami’s secondary did after targeting call.
    No ref on field called the UM player for targeting. 45,000 in Sanford saw that one.
    4 in a row puts CMR back in hot seat, again.
    Can some one tell me why they were ranked 8th in preseason poll.
    The other UM head coach. That was as bad a job of game prep and coaching we have seen for an alleged coaching tree guru. Even a S. Patterson from Ole Miss could not help that mess.


  8. UMiami receivers were really giving their QB the evil eye. Maybe time to say to hell with it and go with someone else.


  9. Whiskeydawg

    Classic CMR, but no longer the classic city’s problem.


  10. dawgxian

    I question the “Richt is a good recruiter” meme. Georgia has a lot of talent to draw from. I think most coaches could recruit here as well as he can. I’d be interested to see how well he would do in a state where he did not have so much local talent. So much of his success in Athens can be explained by his coordinators- BVG his first few years. Bono the next few. Every time one of the good coordinators left, that part of the team went downhill.


  11. In hindsight, it is a shame Jacob Eason didn’t follow CMR to Miami.

    It would have been fun to watch him play for Miami and maybe help CMR down there.

    It wouldn’t make much of a difference though.

    CMR will always shit the bed once a season on a national stage to a good team in their chance to shine, and once a season to a shit team they should never lose to.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Michigan. Miami. Texas. UCLA. and Florida State.


  13. Comin' Down The Track

    My father-in-law is a Miami graduate. He won’t listen to his daughter when she tells him that this is the new normal for the U now. For my part… I stay out of it.


  14. Jared S.

    And I was stupid enough to think that the Miami/LSU game was going to be entertaining. For some reason I expected both teams to show flashes of brilliance.

    Instead it was one of the worst games I’ve watched (why did I watch the whole thing?) in a while….. Miami’s penalties were atrocious and made the game soooooo long.