Nice work if you can get it, SEC Network edition

Man, talk about mailing in your analysis (using that word loosely) of the Georgia-South Carolina game.  That is some lazy shit there, fellas.  And to think you actually get paid for that…


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20 responses to “Nice work if you can get it, SEC Network edition

  1. 81Dog

    Mr. College Football is awed by the emptiness of the breakdown. It’s such a yawning void, it’s a black hole of analysis (sic) that sucks in all facts and reason, allowing birthing to escape, crushing everything into nothingness.

    2:22 of my life I will never recoup.


  2. Bright Idea

    Analysts can’t get past Georgia normally stinking it up in Columbia the second week of the season. Can CKS and this team get past it?


    • I’m hoping Kirby continues his dismantlement of Georgia tropes. He did it last year with the thumping of UF and no letdown trip up games. I think another bites the dust this weekend.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    What I learned that I did not know before.

    Georgia plays on the road.
    Both teams played cupcakes in their openers.
    South Carolina wants to win.
    South Carolina’s offense will not “hold back,” whatever that means.

    Thanks, guys!

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  4. mwo

    That shitshow should be called talking out loud without thinking.


  5. Vidaliaway

    After the crap we watched this weekend, they are praying for an entertaining game (for their employer).


  6. Mick Jagger

    I actually like our talent over SC’s at every position (Samuels being a “possible” exception) – including coaching. Look for the cocks to suck big time in this game.


    • Macallanlover

      That is what I see as well. We are better at RB, QB, OL, receivers, STs, and coaching, plus better depth to deal with the impact of mutual heat. We are probably better on defense as well, but who knows at this point? We are certainly more talented on defense, but even if you give them a slight edge on defense, our O is much more explosive so their defense will give up more points.

      They have a home field advantage, I get it. Name me one more factor in their favor. We could stink it up with mistakes and turnovers but UGA should win by double digits, even if they come out smoking hot to fuel their delusional crowd early. Dawgs win this game 90+% of the time.


  7. Uglydawg

    Blah, blah, blah.


  8. We have won the last 3 by double digits over the Lamecocks. I don’t see why Sandstorm makes it any different on Saturday. Sure, it’s hot in Columbia, but it’s been damn hot in Athens throughout August.

    I imagine Kirby has had everyone focused on South Carolina since the end of spring practice. Time for us to show the East we are the Beast of the East.


  9. Comin' Down The Track

    This is usually a great show; and in their defense, last week they were pretty much clowning the entire SEC East and laughing at the USC, Jr. graduate who was in the studio with them when she started her chicken clucking. Someone upstairs must have told them to make it sound like a real game.

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  10. Got Cowdog

    I actually saw this via replay yesterday, but I was drinking so it’s a bit fuzzy. I believe Marcus say he’s picking SC to win, just ’cause Georgia didn’t pound it’s cupcake as badly as SC did? Did I hear that correctly? Or was Drunk Cowdog making stuff up again…….


  11. CB

    They should get your guy Legge on there, I’m sure he’d really light up the phone lines, or perhaps you would prefer the hard hitting analysis of Conor Riley?