Scary stat of the day

… comes from yesterday’s Seth Emerson piece ($$):

The fastest offensive lineman, per the GPS units, is Ben Cleveland. That’s according to Thomas, who said Cleveland was recorded hitting 19 mph.

Jeebus.  That’s one fast-moving load of a man there.  I can see a few linebackers getting freaked out this season.


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25 responses to “Scary stat of the day

  1. Greg

    Yep…..can remember someone on here saying on here (last year) he was too slow last year, I differed. I’ll save him the embarrassment & not identify… :>) Nonetheless, that is 1 BIG man that can move…..bend, has quickness and seems to have a mean streak. He has worked hard. But, what do I know…


  2. sectionzalum

    DBs will have to make “bidness decisions”


  3. David K

    As a runner and user of GPS watches regularly, I will respectfully call BS on this. The data from the GPS is ballpark accurate at best. Further 19mph would translate to faster than 4.5 seconds on a 40M time. Regardless, I’m sure he was moving at a pretty good clip and I wouldn’t want to be in his way if he was coming at me.


    • Lrgk9

      Top end 2 seconds of a forty might well be 4.5 or less. Just takes a few seconds for the truck to get rolling down hill.

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    • Greg

      all relative….still the fastest OL that was timed. Impressive as hell for a guy that size.

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    • DawgPhan

      Oh yeah it total BS.

      Gurley’s top speed last year was 21 mph on an 80yd TD run.


    • dawgfan1995

      You may be right on it being BS, but that is not a 4.5 40. It’s a 4.71 (approximately). 19 MPH = 8.49376 meters per second. 40 meters divided by 8.49376 = 4.70934 seconds for a 40 yard dash.

      That’s damn good for a lineman, but he’s not going to be racing Mecole and Tyson Campbell anytime soon.


    • The other Doug

      I agree about GPS, but I bet they are using GPS plus some other things to get an accurate reading. Even simple wifi wireless routers can be used as part of the triangulation.


  4. ApalachDawg

    IMO Big Ben was a key differentiator in game 2 vs the barn.
    I can’t wait to see the pain on the Carolina players and supporters after the Kirby train runs through them.

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  5. Even if the GPS measurement was wrong (and I’m not going to be the one to tell Big Ben that) and that body was moving at 13-15 mph, I wouldn’t want to be the DB who had to take him on.


  6. Macallanlover

    Proud of what he has done, and how he has developed since his time of hitting the UGA campus at a very young age. He was a key difference maker when he was added to the OL late last season. Stay healthy young buck, and get that other ring before you leave.


  7. Uglydawg

    Will we see Elijah line up as a fullback and destroy whoever thinks it’s a good idea to step into the hole bulldozed by BC? There is so much talent on this team and so many ways to use it..Backs catching the ball out of the backfield, Talented runners all, wide receivers that can go up and get a ball, tight ends that can not only block but catch and rumble…and all of those riches at least two deep..including the QB position.
    I’m ready to see what they can do.


  8. NoOneElseWouldPayOurAD600k

    That’s some interesting math. A 4.23 40 yard dash converts to 19 mph rounding up. Closer to 4.21.

    Now if he took 5 cheetah like steps and that’s what he momentarily hit 19 at. Ok. But that’s still a pretty rough guess by the gps tracker.

    Regardless. I think we can agree that the big dude can haul ass.

    For a frame of reference, a 5.0 40 converts to 16mph. A 4.5 40 converts to 17.77.


    • MooseDawg

      I think they were talking about Peak Speed not Average Speed.

      It would not be hard to imagine him getting near 20 mph for a short burst.

      Comparing the Peak Speed to Average Speed over a 40 yard dash is apples and oranges. The First 10 yards of the 40 yard dash will be much slower than the last 30….because of the start.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    Imagine getting hit by him blindside when he is pulling, like getting hit by refrigerator thrown out the back of a moving truck.


    • NoOneElseWouldPayOurAD600k

      Yes. And he carries that mass very well. It’s nothig like the Max Jean gilles or Alex Jackson mass of 15-20 years ago.


  10. Uglydawg

    If he’s that fast, he needs to be like “the fridge” (what was his name?..Perry?) and given the ball on short situations.


  11. AusDawg85

    I’d prefer to know his best movement stat is zero…as in not giving an inch when blocking.


  12. Big Ben still has one of my favorite blocks of last year. He got tripped up lost his footing and fell to his knees but when an Auburn linebacker passed close enough in front of him to be within arms reach Ben ,from his knees, popped him in the chest so hard the linebacker went down. This was NOT an Austin Peay LB it was a probable 4 star knocked completely off his feet by a man on his knees….that’s a strong human .