This week’s motivation stone

I see that former Gamecock Tori Gurley is doubling down on his prediction.

Apparently, the locker room in Athens is already lit.


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40 responses to “This week’s motivation stone

  1. mwo

    Not only is Columbia gonna be lit, it should be a smoldering pile of feathers and chicken litter when UGA leaves that God forsaken dump!


    • 81Dog

      It’s gonna be lit like it hasnt been since Sherman brought an impressive ground attack to Cola from Georgia and left it a smoldering ruin. Stand back and let the m**********r burn.


  2. Salty Dawg

    LOL! Thanks, Torri, for providing the Dawgs more motivation to pluck you blind and BBQ your ass! GO DAWGS!


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Look at the clever way the little dears arranged their power rankings:


  4. CPark58

    Tallahassee looked lit last night too, at least it did until the unphased opposition punched them in the mouth and proceeded to march down the field on its scripted drive and then played shut down defense.

    Btw, there is but one Gurley with SEC pedigree that matters and he certainly didn’t attend the second best USC, spend more than a couple hours in the second best Columbia in the SEC footprint, or play in the second best professional football league in North America. But cool story, Bro.


    • SpellDawg

      It looked like VT had the Noles playbooks. I couldn’t believe how slow they looked compared to the speed VT was playing at. I’ll admit to the schadenfreude I felt seeing FSU’s DE Brian Burns and the rest of their D go down. Dude trolled us with his commitment, bet he’d keep the UGA hat on if he had to do it over again….


    • Got Cowdog

      Please note the now esteemed Logan Booker’s descriptor “Store Brand Gurley”.
      Piggly Wiggly Gurley, indeed.


  5. Rebar

    Our line play on both sides of the ball will need to improve tremendously for us to win in Carolina.

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  6. Q

    Seems unlikely that Kirby would want that poster publicized


    • CPark58

      At least not for another 89 days or so.

      Kirby is probably asking himself what’s the point in changing legislation to make Butts-Mehre the Kremlin West if the towel boy is gonna leak state secrets for twitter followers? This guy is probably on a railcar to Georgia Military College as I type this.

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    • ATL Dawg

      Agreed. I hope someone is getting an ass chewing over this.


  7. Sides

    fake juice


  8. Spur 21

    Wonder if Boom approves that message…………………..


  9. Russ

    We’re going to beat Sackerlina so bad that rented mules will feel bad for them.

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  10. KornDawg

    Did y’all know we haven’t beaten uscjr, on a Saturday (would’ve used italics there but I lack the internet skill,) since 2008? (I saw a tweet that said exactly this over the weekend.)


  11. stoopnagle

    Man, the national narrative going into this game… If we’ve got as much Alabama in us as I suspect, then it’s going to be ugly.


  12. ApalachDawg

    Kirbys checklist:
    Check – restore mental toughness and discipline to UGA football
    Check – recruit and secure the high talent level in the great state of GA
    Check – Beatdown of GT/UT/UF/AU
    Check – Sec east champs
    Check – SEC champs
    Check – cfplayoffs
    To Do – beat the shit out of Carolina in their chicken coop. Only 4 more days

    To quote the great philosopher- Col. Nathan R Jessup – “you fucked with wrong marine…”
    To quote another great philosopher- Marcellus Wallace – “I’m gonna get medieval on yo’ ass…”


  13. Uglydawg

    This is as far into “We’re all alone here”, as you can get.
    The whole world outside of the Georgia Faithful is begging and praying for the Dawgs to lose this game to Usce,
    The rest of the East needs us to lose. And certainly the West favs would rather face the Cocks instead of the Dawgs in ATL. Certainly.the WWL needs SEC that beats up on each other so they can slide their boys into the playoffs.
    The whole world against these Dawgs. And as media types are prone to do (they are a superstitious bunch, believing that wishful reporting and prognosticating will actually help make their dreams come true) they’re predicting the early demise of Georgia’s chances not just to win the NC, but the SEC, the SECE and this game against Sack liner. They really are desperate to nip the rising Death Star in the bud. Gladly, it’s probably too late for them.
    I still haven’t forgotten all of those fool idiots (except Granny) picking Hawaii over us.


    • Spur 21

      A buddy (UGA grad no less) lives in Hawaii. He told me Hawaii would curb stomp the Dawgs. I offered a bet – 500 pounds of Georgia peaches delivered to his doorstep in return he wagered 25 pounds of Hawaiian Kona Fancy – damn fine coffee.


  14. ATL Dawg

    I saw something about this last night and was initially confused as to why someone related to Todd Gurley would make this prediction and why it would be news.


  15. Gravidy

    I perfectly happy for him to think SC will win and to predict SC will win. Really.

    But what puzzles me is the “guarantee” part of it. What does that mean? What is he offering as collateral on that guarantee?


    • Cojones

      The last “Guarantee” win against UGA I read came from their coach when he was at FU talking to a little girl. We all know how that turned out.


  16. Texas Dawg

    The poultry might want to take a lesson from Louisville about the trash talking before you have proven ANYTHING against a far superior team. Louisville poked the elephant and got stomped. The chickens keep poking the DAWG and they may wind up as the main menu at an all the BIG DAWG can eat buffet. When playing a superior team, it is rather stupid to give them any extra motivation. Save all your trash talk for after the game when you have actually done something (if you have).


  17. Macallanlover

    He obviously did not see what happened to the loud mouthed Gaytor last year when he called out the Dawgs and spoke of their limitations as he saw them. Had to call timeout to help him up and off the field of play. Karma big boy, coming to a stadium near you!

    Might double down on that bet I was planning to make for this weekend giving the Cocks close to 10 points. Thought -10 or -9 1/2 looked safe but will be glad to have the media and Cocky fans drive it down some more. I am a patient man when I smell money becoming cheaper and more within my grasp.


  18. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Former Gamecock? He can be really brave and say anything he wants if he’s not on the field. If he were, good bet he’d be a target.