A tradition unlike any other

According to some of the denizens of Stingtalk, Georgia Tech’s got dance dudes and flag boys again.

Some of y’all have never watched any halftime performances. This ain’t ground breaking.

Once again, the world spins in its properly greased groove.


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7 responses to “A tradition unlike any other

  1. 86BONE

    Speaking of “greased grooves”….


  2. CB

    Probably an improvement on the overall routine. I suggest they try a girl at qb for perhaps better on field results.


  3. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    They’ve got lots of unusual “traditions” at Tech. The one I haven’t forgiven them for happened the year we celebrated 100 years of Georgia Football with a special logo at mid-field. If you were there, you remember, when their band ran out to do the show, they covered our logo with a tacky tarp with a GT on it. Booing so loud you couldn’t hear their band. Not a loss because their band isn’t much good anyway.


    • RangerRuss

      I remember that. The no class cocksuckers. That’s possibly the first time I showed restraint while drinking. I wanted to run down on the field and snatch that loser rag off our logo. tech sucks.


  4. Ole Dokes

    Comments on ST thread are pure comedy gold. Love the banter between the politically correct & incorrect. They may be dorks, but they’re some funny som’bitches.


  5. 83Dawg

    You need rivals, even inept ones, to play.

    It spices up the season and makes things fun.

    If all you do is make fun of them, the next step is wanting the coach fired if you win in overtime.


  6. Dawgoholic

    Tech has sunken so low we fired a coach who was 13-2 against them and 8-0 at their stadium – less than 24 hours after he beat them for the 13th time.

    May Tech continue to sink to even lower depths.