Sandstorm is favored by ten.

Dennis Dodd cracks the case wide open.

“Our fan base has been so supportive,” Muschamp said echoing scores of Gamecocks coaches before him. “When we got here, we weren’t a very good football team. [But] it was so positive. I’m sitting here watching the cut ups of our Georgia game two years ago, and we got delayed because of a hurricane. The stands are full.”

That Hurricane Matthew anecdote lends a bit of hope. Few, if any, current Bulldogs have seen Williams-Brice Stadium at full throat.

Georgia is 1-3 in its last four visits to South Carolina.

It’s not playing against Lattimore, Clowney or Shaw or Steve Spurrier’s coaching that’s mattered.  It’s that Georgia has to face the South Carolina fan base.

Since we’re doing this historical crap like it’s relevant, can I add one more bit of data to the mix?

I guess the fans didn’t show up those times.


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  1. Derek

    They did beat a #6 ranked Georgia team in 1988. That’s the game that haunts me leading up to Saturday.

    We had been averaging over 400 yards rushing a game with Hampton, Worley and Henderson.

    They kicked the shit out of us down there that day. Just brutal.


    • 92 grad

      And boy, do I remember that. My freshman year in redcoats. I think it was my first road game experience and it was absolutely horrific, the heat, crappy stadium, and an obnoxious fan base I didn’t even know existed.


  2. Anonymous

    For anyone that was wondering what the lyrics to Sandstorm are:

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  3. Bright Idea

    I was there that Sunday and I don’t know where Boom is coming from. The place was 2/3 full maybe. Windy day, Eason was wild and Chaney called a strange game in the red zone, and the stands were not full. I remember vividly.

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  4. Sides

    I happened to catch 2 sec games on replay before the season. SC/Bama 2010 and Ole Miss @ Bama 2015. Both games had a top ranked Bama D full of NFL talent getting embarrassed. One happened in Cola and the other happened with Dan Werner as QB coach/OC. The one constant was Kirby standing on the sidelines looking lost. Looking forward to seeing it happen again Saturday.


    • Anything can happen.

      Although I’ll be amused if it’s Dan Werner who proves to be the difference maker.

      UPDATE: I had to go back and check. In the OM game, the Rebs were +5 in turnover margin. If SC goes +5 this Saturday, no question the ‘Cocks pull the upset.


      • I would also have to add – the 2010 SC/Bama game was one of, if not the most well executed game by any one team I have ever seen. I would love to know how that game stacked up in the S&P+ ratings but I can’t find it.

        If the Cocksmen can manage a game like that Saturday, they’d absolutely beat us or anyone else in the country. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but there aren’t any Lattimores, Alshon Jeffereys, Melvin Ingrams, nor Devin Taylors on this squad however.


        • Your last point is something I’ll blog about tomorrow.

          I saw a lot of good talent on SC’s roster, but I didn’t see a single player outside of Deebo who scared me the way guys like Lattimore, Clowney or Shaw did. Is one player enough when (1) his special teams skill is likely to be nullified by Blankenship and (2) he’s not going to get as many touches as a QB or RB would?


          • You point about Deebo has been something I have also been pointing to lately. I don’t disagree that he is one of the most meaningful players in CFB to his team, but the Falcons last year with Julio are a great example that if your best player is a WR, you have a difficult path to score consistently if your running game isn’t a significant compliment.


      • Will (The Other One)

        Didn’t that also include Machine Gun Chad Kelly nearly getting sacked, chucking it, the ball pinwheeling, and OM getting one of the luckiest TD passes of all time?
        I’m sure that’s all on the QB coach….


    • Trbodawg

      Was Mel there too?


    • PTC DAWG

      You want Carolina straight up? I’m in for a hundy.

      You sound pretty confident..


    • Garcia absolutely played the best game of his career and probably had close to a perfect QB rating. If Bentley does this, yea, you very well could win. But there is a reason why those games are rerun on the SECN….it’s because they are very unique and involved historic upsets. Aside from those, you have many, many other games where the results were pretty much as predicted, and the better/more talented team won.

      Rewatching a game from 8 years ago and applying what happened then to what could happen this weekend is laughable at best. But hey, if it makes you more confident, knock yourself out. And if/when SCU loses, you can always scurry back to your DVR and once again relive that momentous ocassion in effort to mask your sorrows.


      • Garcia’s passer rating in that game was a sparkling 208.92. Believe it or not, it was even better the week before at Auburn.

        Bentley’s best passer rating? Last week’s 193.80.


      • I was at that 2010 game (my wife is a Gamecock, so I occasionally make the trek for non-UGA games). It was absolutely the most flawless game by any team against a top-5 opponent that I’ve ever witnessed. USC didn’t get lucky. Time of possession was even, turnovers were even, Alabama even outgained them. But Garcia was efficient, damn near perfect. The noise and energy in the stadium was relentless. It was one of those once-in-a-decade games. It’s almost been ten years. Is USC due for another perfect game? Odds ain’t good, but yeah, it could happen.


  5. Spike

    Ain’t skeered of their fan base..


  6. Salty Dawg

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, the chicks have a fan base. Seems last year the voltards fan base was supposed to be THE fan base to be scared of with a bigger stadium filled with Juniors and LuLus singing that God awful song. Jake Fromm was supposed to shake in his shoes. Well, we all know how that turned out!



    I also just learned they wave white flags in the stadium….going to be tough.


  8. The Truth

    This game is Miss St last year. Everyone looking for a reason to call it a close game, but the (UGA) Dawgs are just better. This one is on the road, so we’ll only beat them by half as much — Dawgs by 14 sounds about right.


  9. 69Dawg

    I’m just glad it is at 3:30 less time for their fans to get lickered up. Night games away are always wilder. The heats going to take it out of more than just the players.


  10. ChiliDawg

    I’m stunned to learn that SCU has actually lost a game at home in their history.


  11. ATL Dawg

    The “cut ups” Muschamp watched must only show the lower deck and only at certain angles because the stands were not even close to being full. That was the most dull and lifeless environment I’ve ever witnessed for a Georgia-South Carolina game.


  12. We also won 4 in a row before that.