What’s all the hubbub, bub?

The two best takes on why we’re seeing the pundits twist themselves in knots with an Upset in Columbia meme come from Dan Wolken…

… and Bill Connelly.

Does South Carolina have a legitimate shot at an upset, or are we just talking ourselves into the Gamecocks because everyone else has an even smaller chance at an upset?

Look, big picture-wise, I get it.  If you don’t think Georgia’s gonna roll through the regular season unscathed, Saturday’s as good a time as any to point to a loss (unless you’re following advanced stats closely, that is).  But I am somewhat surprised that there has been so little argument of substance as to why it’ll happen, given the prevalence of the narrative.


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  1. 81Dog

    In order to predict a Chikin victory, one would have to believe all their questions will be answered in the best possible way for them, at a place such a thing has never, ever happened, while being led by a staff who has never been able to pull such a thing off. Simultaneously, one would also have to believe that a clearly more talented team will not be able to answer any of its questions in a positive way, despite being led by a staff that has brought in unprecented levels of talent, much of which has big game experience, while being led by a staff that had them a play or so from a national title last season.

    Call me crazy, but that seems a bit of a stretch. Could the Chiks pull it off? Sure, I guess. A key injury or two, a bad call or two, pure old buzzard luck, all possible. But the kind of bedwetting of previous administrations? We lost last year at AU to a very talented team, but even then we shot ourselves in the foot the whole second half. The Chikins aren’t that good. I’m feeling ok about our chances. We had all summer to get ready for this game, too. Not sure why anyone thinks Boom will suddenly outscheme Kirby.


  2. moe pritchett

    They’ve got a helluva long snappah


  3. moe pritchett

    They’ve got a helluva long snappah.


  4. South Carolina is gonna have to score a lot of points or force turnovers, or both. I’m sure they’ll be well coached but I expect us to be as well. I can see our D having growing pains but they’re still way more talented imo. We May give up some points but we should score much more.

    They could try ball control to slow our offense but that takes touches away from their weapons. Are they really ready for a track meet, though? I just don’t see them having a chance without turnovers and penalties. I expect a 17 point win if we play clean. Of course, I’m assuming Cheney and Smart open up the offense. We may come out trying to control possession.

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  5. Jack Burton

    History of us rolling in there with far superior talent and getting beat is enough to have me concerned.


    • watcher16

      This! We keep talking ourselves into thinking we are unbeatable based on everyone else having us on upset alert, and it just worries me even more.


      • No member of our team is of the opinion or belief that we are unbeatable.
        You are just hedging your bet, with regard to your faith and confidence in this team, because you are suffering from Post-Richt stress induced fear!
        You simply got used to UGA fielding teams that were unfortunately chocked full of really good players but also players that were often guilty of underachievement.
        You’ve heard the same things I have…Georgia is guaranteed to lose at least one game every year that they’re supposed to win…they will fail to show up in a big game every year, bet on it !
        The sad part… this prognostication almost always came true!
        1st & goal @ Carolina in 2014?
        The squib kick against Tech?
        Faton Bauta vs Florida?
        Not spiking the ball in the 2012 SECCG?
        We beat Carolina in Columbia in 2016 with arguably the worst offensive line we’ve ever had. And you think we can’t kick their ass with the one we have now?
        You might wanna tweak your attitude a bit toward this team’s chances every Saturday, dude.
        While we’re ultra talented, we are also very young and inexperienced in several key areas, and that’s no secret. Also, there will be growing pains. But make no mistake. From top to bottom, Carolina has nowhere near the talent or depth we’ll put on the field, Saturday afternoon.
        So relax a little, my friend. All of Richt’s players have now moved on. Unfortunately, there were a few underachievers in key positions in that final class as well. Some of whom were the reason that that incredible group of truly outstanding seniors that came back for their final year were unable to realize their dream. Without mentioning any names, I’ll ask you one question…which safety and which corner were supposed to be covering that `bama receiver in the end zone back in January? How did he get so wide open with everything on the line?
        Sorry, but nothing can make up for that one, massive failure to rise to the occasion again. And in the biggest game since 1980!
        Remember that prognostication I told you about?
        Bit us in the ass again.
        There’s a new sheriff in town now, and this posse desires greatness, and they won’t settle for anything less.


    • 81Dog

      Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. I’d be willing to bet UGA has been working hard since the NC.


  6. Jim

    As much as I hate to admit it the wildcard is Williams Brice. I’ve been to every UGA game there except the Sunday game going back almost 20 years. 2012 was a great example of how things can go wrong. They score on opening drive, our WR loses a jump ball that becomes an interception and their offense scored again, SC takes a punt back, suddenly that godforesaken place is rocking and rolling and it snowballs from there

    We all hope and – I think, believe- that Kirby is will have the team better prepared than the prior administration but until we face some adversity in a hostile atmosphere we don’t really know

    I’d like nothing more than a 2008 or 2015 Alabama-esque beatdown but I’ve been a Dawg fan too long to expect that


    • DoubleDawg1318

      We had a similar issue last season at Auburn and failed miserably. Hopefully this team has learned from that.


      • JCDawg83

        HUGE talent difference in 2017 Auburn and 2018 SC.

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        • Otto

          2012 was the typical Richt/Bobo head scratcher game for the year same as TN ’07, WLOCP ’08.

          Auburn round 1 last year could be argued the same but UGA did control their own destiny from beginning of the season to the end and the SECCG trip as well as a path to the playoff was more less clinched at that point.

          I think Smart and the team show up prepared and even if it is a loss I don’t see it being 2012 in nature. Yes I think UGA wins.


        • Mayor

          Yeah. Auburn pays its players more.


    • 92 grad

      Yes. Part of the mileage the media is getting from this taek is due to exactly this. The confident “we’re going to win” doesn’t work for many of us Georgia fans because we’ve been utterly destroyed so many times when favored over a decent conference foe.


      • Mayor

        I’m actually old enough to remember when Georgia upset teams. When was the last time Georgia beat a team favored to beat the Dawgs? LSU in Athens in 2014? Before that? The 2005 SECCG? The 2002 Bama game in Tuscaloosa? Hard to find. CMR usually won games the Dawgs were supposed to win but threw away at least one win per season usually against an inferior team. That’s why he’s not in Athens any more.


    • Jim

      So my 2012 memory wasn’t exactly perfect but here you go

      South Carolina’s offense set the tone at first, Spurrier once again showing there are few better at calling plays. Damiere Byrd outfought Georgia’s Bacarri Rambo for a 42-yard catch on the game’s second snap. Two plays later, Shaw hit a wide-open Bruce Ellington for a 20-yard TD catch that sent the record crowd of 85,199 into a frenzy.

      They had more to celebrate moments later when Kelcy Quarles tipped Murray’s pass high in the air and safety DeVonte Holloman made a diving interception. Shaw cashed in again for the Gamecocks, ending a 69-yard sequence when tight end Rory Anderson came open in the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown.

      South Carolina used special teams — typically a Georgia strength — to extend the lead a few plays later after a three-and-out by the Bulldogs. Sanders bobbled the punt, got the ball back, broke several tackles and outrun the punter to the left pylon for a 21-0 lead with less than nine minutes gone.


    • 79Dawg

      This was the scenario I laid out here earlier this week. They catch a few breaks, shut our running game down, and we are playing catchup in a madhouse – recipe for disaster?
      (Does no one remember how the 2011 game (in Sanford) turned when they ran that fluke punt fake in for a touchdown, got us behind, we were in shock, and just could never catch up???)


      • Mayor

        More mistakes by the Dawgs in that one game than Bama makes in an entire season. The stats were all Georgia but the Cocks won the game.


  7. Macallanlover

    The reason you don’t see much substance in the narrative, Senator, because there just isn’t much there. They aren’t the bottom of the litter, but there is a huge difference between the two teams. All you can hang your hat on is the location. It is an edge, their only one, but it doesn’t cover the entire gap. An upset isn’t impossible, but it is improbable.

    The media thrives off of this meme, every week. Always an “upset special” or several teams on “upset alert”. It has been a “thing” for years. Makes it interesting for the talk shows but when it goes on for so long, the chances get slimmer. In this case, UGA has not only heard it all summer, the Cocks are totally exposed as they sit in the middle of 2 cupcakes. It is THEY who get OUR best shot this time. But it is a Saturday in the fall, and Brother Larry is not happy with me as he looks down on me from before.

    I would say cautiously optimistic like I usually do, but I need to save that for a couple of games deeper in the schedule.


  8. ChiliDawg

    You know, this is probably where some of the false perception that this is a “rivalry” comes from.

    It’s not that we give a damn about the roosters. It’s not that we even want to beat them badly because we have some deep resentment of them. We just always want to beat them badly because we get tired of the media punditry picking them for an upset every year.

    And that’s just it – if South Carolina beating Georgia is always an upset pick, then they aren’t much of a rival, are they?



    R.I.P. Bandit


  10. dawg39

    The dawgs Will Win The East. USCe Is A Contender.

    The Pass Defense Did Not Live Up Tp Championship Standards.

    An Elite OL But I expected More Short Successful Runs.
    @ Runs should net 10 yAarda,


  11. ElectroM

    The only way they win is if they get Penn Wagers out of retirement to officiate the game.


  12. Spence

    Why are you surprised? There’s nothing to substantively base it on.


  13. dawg39

    Both Teams Will Have To Use A passing Attack To establish An
    EffectiveRunning Game. Lots Of Passing By Both Teams. DAWGs Win.