“You start standing up with this bunch, you’re going to get pushed around.”

“… We all know each other pretty well from a coordinator standpoint, from a playcaller standpoint. Will there be some new wrinkles and some different things they’ve worked in the offseason? Sure, and we’ll have some as well. I think knowing kind of their structure and our structure, and how we do things — this game has been game-planned for since summer. We’re just kind of brushing up the game plan this week and I’m sure they’re doing the same.”  — Will Muschamp

I watched a replay of the South Carolina-Coastal Carolina game last night and came away with the overall impression of a well-coached Gamecock team.  Really, that should come as no surprise.  It’s easy to mock Will Muschamp’s in-game demeanor — and here’s hoping Saturday brings us a nice “Name That Caption” moment — but he’s been a coordinator at big-time programs, a head coach at two SEC schools and knows more than a little about football.

As the quote above indicates, this week’s game isn’t going to be won by surprise.  Each team will be well prepared as to what the other brings to the table.  Both coaches like to talk about imposing their will and that’s where I expect the contest to play out.

In that regard, another area where I think the advantage lies Georgia’s way is the matchup between the Dawgs’ offensive line and SC’s defensive line.  It sounds like Muschamp is thinking that way, as well.

“You got to play with a great pad level, that’s number one,” Muschamp said. “You start standing up with this bunch, you’re going to get pushed around. You better play behind your pads. Our guys understand that.”

Understanding is great.  Boom’s problem is that Pittman understands what his guys have to do, too.  And that leaves matters to simple physics, something that favors the visitors.

Georgia’s offensive line will be a problem for every opponent, but it’s a particular problem for a Gamecocks team still building its depth along the defensive front. If starting defensive end D.J. Wonnum returns from an ankle injury this week, South Carolina probably will start Wonnum (6-5, 258) and Allen-Williams (6-1, 230) at end and Javon Kinlaw (6-6, 305) and Keir Thomas (6-2, 276) at tackle. If Wonnum can’t play, the Gamecocks get even smaller as he likely will be replaced by the 258-pound Daniel Fennell or 245-pound Sterling.

“They are going to try to force their will on us,” Sterling said. “We can’t back down from it.”

The Gamecocks’ concerns up front are exacerbated by the fact that they are expected to have as many as three true freshmen in the rotation at defensive tackle — 285-pound J.J. Enagbare, 285-pound Rick Sandidge and 359-pound Josh Belk.

“We’re still kind of muddling through this week and talking in terms of, ‘How are we going to match up in some situations?’” Muschamp said. “So we’re still working through that.”

It’s kind of funny how all the pundits expressing concern about Georgia’s inexperience on defense have managed to gloss over Carolina’s similar state, innit?



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26 responses to ““You start standing up with this bunch, you’re going to get pushed around.”

  1. The pundits need to generate clicks and ratings. The guys on XM (McElroy especially) this morning said South Carolina has as much of a chance to beat as Texas A&M does with Clemson. Eventually Jimmies and Joes beat Sandstorm and Midnight Yell Practice.

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    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Similarly: more clicks and drama in upsets.


    • jrod1229

      I loved the caller yesterday morning on the show who said “dawgs have no idea what is coming at them”. I remember this feeling, I used to get it to under Richt. It’s weird being on the other side now.

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      • Biggus Rickus

        I became a football fan in the latter Dooley years, so I talked myself into Georgia being good for pretty much all of the Goff and Donnan years. I mean, I still need to see them do it this year before I’m completely certain that the way Georgia handled people last year wasn’t something of a fluke, but it’s definitely strange seeing them become something akin to Saban’s machine.


      • They couldn’t beat us (and lost by double digits) with what’s apparently going to be our weakest team under Smart. We farted around with them last year and still beat them by double digits. Of course, we beat them down 3 years ago as a retirement gift to the OBS.

        Does anyone in their right mind really believe they have closed the talent or coaching gap in the meantime? Of course, right-minded USCjr fans in September is like jumbo shrimp.

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        • Russ

          24-10 felt closer for some reason, yet we left another 7 on the field when Godwin fumbled going into the end zone.

          I expect Sackerlina to play us tough again and I don’t see us just blowing them out a la MSU last year. What I do see it us pulling away from them in the second half for a 14 to 17 point victory. We have too much talent and the constant pressure on Sackerlina will wear them down.

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  2. Spike

    Pittman or Boom? My money is on Pittman..

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  3. Greg

    It will also be interesting to see how Bryan McClendon adjusts in his new OC position….his first job at OC. Seems to be Muschamp’s Achilles heel (see UF). I still like the dawgs in this one…by 17 or more..


  4. Perfectly stated… They replaced the players that left with players with similar talent and little experience. Georgia replaced the players that left with players who saw a lot of time last year or more talented players coming in as freshmen or both.

    Georgia is going to win this game – it’s just a matter of by how much..


  5. Beave

    But Georgia lost more nationally-recognized experience. It just means more.

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    • Macallanlover

      Well, that isn’t incorrect but it leaves out one key aspect: one of those nationally recognized guys was R. We do return some talented guys who played a lot of plays last season, but there is no question we have no answer for how to replace R, it will be a falloff on many key plays. The reason that is totally devastating to our chances is the significant improvement we should see on offense. If Chaney and Smart let these guys play, they will put up a lot of points on everybody; our defense doesn’t have to be as good (although that would be great).

      So the burden of responsibility for carrying the load has shifted from the defense to the offense. If the defense can close the gap some before late in the season, we should be able to stand with whomever appears on the other side of the field in November, December, and January.


      • I agree to an extent on Roquan, but Natrez Patrick has a ton of raw talent and experience in his own right, provided he keeps his head on straight. Monty Rice is just a sophomore and looks outstanding……No reason we can’t start producing All Time great linebackers every cycle like we’ve been doing at running back for 6 years.


      • Beave

        I agree with you on all accounts. What amazed me the most about Roquan was how many tackles he amassed last year despite having an offense that could stay on the field and a defense that could get off the field. This weekend will be a good measuring stick to where the defense now especially in the front seven.


  6. Harold Miller

    When your out weighed nearly 50 pounds a man on the line, the physics just doesn’t add up.

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    • Russ

      Well, it didn’t work out against Boise, but I like the condition of our size now vs our condition/size back then. Plus, we have two complete OLs that should just wear Sackerlina flat out.

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  7. Union Jack

    Don’t mess around – make quick work of them. Go put up scores on your first 4 or 5 drives and limit them to zero or field goals.

    If we get up two scores or so, impose our will.


  8. Uglydawg

    A comment on your last Q.
    The pundits all want (need) for UGA to lose this game. They somehow believe that grasping that small straw that is the outside chance that it will actually happen, will somehow help to make it happen.
    Dawgs need to go out there and break SC’s heart, along with the “pundits”.


  9. steve

    Need to crotch-kick them immediately to take out the crowd. High-expectation/low reality fan bases like USCe are fragile and prone to interpret any sensory input as a dog whistle. Destroy QB Bentley early with an interception, sac or fumble and watch their pop sickles melt.


  10. ChiliDawg

    It is inexplicably the single most prevalent game for lazy write-ups. No pundit, not a single one, EVER talks about South Carolina’s potential issues. It’s always about Georgia.

    In a way, this is flattering. It just goes to show you that nobody truly gives a baker’s fuck about SCU. Oh sure, they’ll spin re-hashed talking points like “the chickens are on the rise” or “muschamp is moving them in the right direction,” but all they’re really trying to do is get clicks. They know they’re a middle to bottom tier program and always will be. They can just get away with talking them up in week 2 because if they tried to say the same shit in week 8 after everyone was reminded of who they really are, they’d be laughed out of town.

    Georgia though, we’re getting to a point where, like Alabama, they’re going to spend the whole early season nitpicking our potential weaknesses and trying to find L’s on the schedule. Just the world we live in now.


  11. Playing behind your pads just means stay low and clog up the middle vs. standing upright and controlling the LOS. It works early on the inside run game, no doubt, but it is not so hot on most everything else. I can see us using the toss sweep a lot early on and after their D-Line has been stepped on all day, begin to get under them and push them downfield.