Convoluted botany

Remember, peeps, if you’re a branch of the Saban coaching tree, it likely means you’re also populating the Jimmy Sexton tree.

Super agent Jimmy Sexton, who controls the SEC job market like nobody else, represents Smart. He also represents Muschamp. While apologetically removing Smart from the mix at South Carolina, he pitched Muschamp as a backup plan.

ADs like shopping convenience as much as anybody.  Jimmy’s kind of like the Amazon of coaches’ agents.


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5 responses to “Convoluted botany

  1. Bigshot

    Just hope this is not written about Kirby in a few years. A win tomorrow will go a long way in dispelling that notion.


  2. Uglydawg

    Apparently, Tennessee doesn’t have “Prime”.


  3. Russ

    “I’m sorry, but that model is out of stock. How about this refurbished model for a slight savings?”


  4. Spike

    Beat that insufferable ass Boom!


  5. DawgFlan

    See Bluto, McGarity had to move fast to take advantage of the 2-day free shipping!