One dominating conference win doth not a season make…

… but check out what Georgia’s projected percentages per FPI look like today.


UPDATE:  The Dawgs also made a move in Bill Connelly’s S&P+ rankings.


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7 responses to “One dominating conference win doth not a season make…

  1. Castleberry

    Hard to imagine that Florida has a better chance than Kentucky.


  2. Biggen

    Sagrin also makes more sense now as UGA falls into 6th.


  3. mdcgtp

    Michigan climbing 9 slots for killing a WMU team that gave up 55 points to Syracuse is a pretty good indication of the flaws of Bill’s analysis, which assumes that beating bad teams is an indication of quality.


    • Ben

      Then FSU may be the best damn team in the land.


    • Clayton Davis

      Part of Connelly’s point about S&P+ is that while better teams should beat good teams, they should also crush bad teams. He’s tweaked it this year to phase in this season’s results faster, as opposed to baking in last year’s results and recruiting rankings longer.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Look at ut’s FPI the best win chance they hav in the SEC is uk at 48%, ouch.


  5. UGA '97

    Connelly substantiates all our thoughts about where our program is now. We stepped through the chasm yesterday. Saban was 52 when he won his 1st Natty. Kirby is approx. 10 years younger…what he may one day accomplish.