The blues before and after

My friends, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who respond to embarrassment graciously…

… and Florida football players.

Now that’s the Gator standard I’ve come to know and love.


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25 responses to “The blues before and after

  1. Spike

    Wonder what his sportsmanlike gesture will be when the Dawgs get done with his jort wearing ass?


  2. HirsuteDawg

    Shocked he wasn’t giving the bird with BOTH hands!


  3. teenchy

    Appreciate the Smithereens reference. Pat DiNizio was gone far too soon.

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  4. Bulldog Joe

    Well, that didn’t take long.

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    • Cojones

      What a post! Right out of Conan the Terrible where his enemies run before him as he hears the wailing of the women. I keep feeling that this has to be close to the finish of my life as I approach my 78th b’day since God is winnowing all of these wonderful character failings of my sports adversaries and presenting them to the sheeple. A perfect storm (before Isaac approaches) has breezed through the area south of me and rendered the source of my affliction afflicted.

      Go Dawgs! and show the rest of the country what you are about in your coming battles this year.


  5. Yesterday was a good day…

    Georgia sent the exact message they needed to send to the East, to the conference and the Nation. Nothing changes – we are here to stay. And no more delusional Gamecocks running around claiming that their first line talent matches Georgia’s…

    Cocks convince a lot of really good recruits – many of them on Georgia’s board – becoming a recruiting commercial to ‘come play at Georgia and win Championships’

    Tech blows a 10 point lead in the 4th Quarter and ends up giving up 49 points.

    Kentucky beats Florida in a game that was no fluke. They were the better team and much more physical (and that was the surprise – with Mullen there) than the Gators were. You can’t base everything on one game, but I’m less concerned about the Gators than I was going into the weekend.

    The conference had a good out of conference weekend. Yes, A&M lost, but they are somewhere in the middle of the conference and Clemson is considered the ‘bell cow’ of the ACC.


    • Bulldog Joe

      And Mike Bobo gets his first SEC win as a head coach.

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      • I hate to say it, but I think he’s going to be the next guy in Red Stick if he can win consistently. If nothing else, I could see Coach Oeaux hiring him as his OC and QB coach if things don’t work out in Fort Collins.


        • Anonymous

          He has to find a defense. Going 7-6 every year isn’t going to get him a promotion.Jon Jancek isn’t the answer. I was surprised that Charles Kelly decided to take the Special Teams Coordinator position at Tennessee over Bobo’s offer for DC.


          • I agree. The defensive side of the ball has been a problem for him. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends back up in the SEC as a highly paid OC if patience wears thin at CSU.


      • Derek

        Bobo gets a shot at 2 in a row in Gainesville this Saturday.


    • That Gator defense already has Grantham’s fingerprints all over it. Franks and the offense are just as bad as last season. Gator fans are probably already starting to dump their WLOCP tickets after last night.


    • gastr1

      Indeed, it has already been a fine weekend.


    • JasonC

      And giving a couple of jerks like Muschamp and Spurrier disappointment! So good.


    • Texas Dawg

      Even after the chicken pluckin in Columbia yesterday, they remain delusional. They still think that they were just one play away from an upset (or in their little bird brains a victory over an equal so just another win).
      “We just didn’t have our best day,” safety Steven Montac said. “They aren’t any better than us. They just executed”


  6. I thought I saw that Gator with the one finger salute last night. Stay classy, Gators.

    Kentucky outplayed Florida last night and deserved to win … and they still almost found a way to blow it.

    Jorts vs. Hillbillies is shaping up to be the Toilet Bowl. What happens if the Fighting Bobos come into Hogtown and win (not predicting it will happen)?


  7. Read an article this morning on The Athletic about this game. It sure seems like there are bigger problems in Gainesville than it appears. Sounds like issues with people not practicing hard. That’s straight from the QB’s mouth.


  8. 69Dawg

    Isn’t No 4 Tony (sp). They better put metal detectors in the locker room he bought himself an AR15 after the rumble with the gamblers. Wonder how the Hog Town mafia bet on this one???


  9. Mayor

    You know Kentucky may be the sleeper in the SEC East. Someone (Mizzou, UK, Vandy maybe?) will be the second best team in the East this year. It ain’t SC or UT or FU. We have to expect some team to step forward and try to challenge the Dawgs.


  10. Macallanlover

    Those are the candidates. Mizzou has the best offensive scheme to succeed, KY is the best balanced, and Vandy just doesn’t have the hosses but will give it a run if they are still healthy.