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Georgia’s first nooner of 2018

… is the Mizzou game.

My first reaction was a little surprised, but once you see that CBS wanted ‘Bama and Mickey wanted Georgia for sure, I can see how that wound up happening.

Still, whenever I see a morning game scheduled for television — out there, it will be — I’m always reminded of the grizzled ballplayer in Ball Four who, after being told his team was playing an early Game of the Week, complained, “Eleven AM?  I’m not even done throwing up then.”


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Darlin’, they’re playing our song.

TFW you’re an LSU blogger getting ready for this week’s game against Auburn.


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“We don’t do all that hype material. We go out and play football.”

One thing I agree with Gary Danielson about in that clip I linked to earlier is that South Carolina appeared to be the team that came out Saturday overly amped up.  That, despite Georgia being furnished with a quote or two during the preceding week that could have been milked for fake juice purposes.

“I wanted discipline and composure,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said after the game. “Sometimes when you get into all that ‘disrespect,’ you get chippy, make bad decisions. … I don’t like using disrespect as a motivating factor.”

In other words, Smart didn’t ignore it.  He managed it.

I’ve seen some folks compare Saturday’s game to the ass-whuppin’ Alabama laid on Georgia in 2015, but, at least in this regard, Saturday reminded me more of what ‘Bama came in and did to Richt’s 2008 blacked-out team.  Give me a cold-blooded, talented team over a fake-juiced one every time.


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Today’s fun factoid

Per Seth Emerson ($$):

Speed plus blocking equals not just explosive plays, but also consistent big plays: Georgia has gained at least 10 yards on 27.5 percent of its plays, which is the 11th-highest rate in the FBS. The national average is 21.2 percent. Last year, Georgia did it 22.4 percent of the time.

Even better, notwithstanding the big chunk plays, chopping five minutes of game clock off the fourth quarter of the opener and having run fewer offensive plays than a hundred (!) other teams, Georgia still ranks a respectable 50th in time of possession.


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“If you get to be the coach next year, put him in.”

I’d say grumpy and testy Paul Johnson is the best Paul Johnson, except Paul Johnson is always grumpy and testy.


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Of all the teams in the SEC East, South Carolina is certainly one of them.

Gary Danielson’s post-game take on what he saw in Columbia is worth watching simply for the pause he takes when he’s asked that “whither South Carolina?” question.


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Youth will be served.

When it comes to playing freshmen, Kirby Smart is coaching without an ounce of fear.

Georgia placed 18 members of its 2018 class on the travel roster for its first SEC road game. That says that the recruits from the nation’s top-ranked recruiting class made up 26 percent of the travel roster for conference play on a team ranked at No. 3 in the country.

What the upset-minded pundits saw as a bug Smart sees as a feature.  Looks like he knows something about what he’s doing, eh?


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