Youth will be served.

When it comes to playing freshmen, Kirby Smart is coaching without an ounce of fear.

Georgia placed 18 members of its 2018 class on the travel roster for its first SEC road game. That says that the recruits from the nation’s top-ranked recruiting class made up 26 percent of the travel roster for conference play on a team ranked at No. 3 in the country.

What the upset-minded pundits saw as a bug Smart sees as a feature.  Looks like he knows something about what he’s doing, eh?


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17 responses to “Youth will be served.

  1. bulldogbry

    It’s almost like Kirby doesn’t care if I wear my lucky underwear and shirt or not.

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  2. Mayor

    Freshmen getting playing time helps recruiting too.


  3. Kirby is almost done with that Death Star and the exhaust ports are clogged with 5 stars.
    I’m guessing that’s an analogy Tech fans will get.


  4. Tony Barnfart

    I live in a city that’s a salad bowl of SEC fandom. Nobody wants to even have polite conversation with me. They know what is coming. Long and extended pain.


  5. Whiskeydawg

    There aren’t too many corollaries between football & film, television, or theatre, but one is “casting”. 50% of a successful production is recognizing & casting talent correctly. I believe the same is true in football. Kirby has not only proven himself at recognizing & recruiting talent, he isn’t afraid to “cast” it. Experience is important, but it all starts with the basics, inate abilities.


  6. Redshirting is about to be the exception instead of the rule and all the loaded programs will deal with it. Either find a way to play guys or get ready to lose them.

    I know people are gonna get mad and call them quitters but it’s big business now and people change jobs and move for better opportunities. Businesses certainly look out for themselves so it’s only smart that the players do the same.

    People wax poetic about the old days but staying in bad marriages and bad jobs isn’t what made the greatest generation great.

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    • DawgByte

      I can give you a million examples of the opposite, where perseverance provides opportunity, if one is willing to work. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the whole character building aspect.

      In reality most good players are one play away from getting on the field. Just ask Cade Mays. The new era of “Free Agency” may be beneficial for some kids, but on balance transfers will make continuity and depth more difficult for coaches to manage.

      I’ll be interested to hear what tune your singing when we lose either Jake Fromm or Justin Fields to “Free Agency” transfer.


      • There’s only one ball and one QB on the field at a time … there’s a reason a ton of QBs transfer when they realize they aren’t going to get meaningful snaps. If one of those guys decides to transfer for playing time, I have no problem with it.

        Jacob Eason holds no grudge leaving Georgia if you read his Twitter feed. We shouldn’t either.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    And Kirby didn’t just bring them for windowdressing either. These younguns are getting playing time, albeit many of them during mop-up time. But when they return as starters in 2020 williams-brice won’t be an unknown environment.