“College football isn’t fair.”

Man, two weeks in and Messrs. Massey and Peabody ain’t foolin’ around about the likely CFP field:

There is a clear Big Five right now — Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma — that have separated themselves from the pack, and all have between a 61 percent chance (Georgia) and 44 percent chance (Oklahoma) of making the playoff. The next best: Penn State at 15 percent.

And to think there are people worried about what player compensation would do to competition.


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  1. Otto

    5 teams spread across the country with chances of playing for a national title historically speaking is a competitive healthy field. Hopefully the NCAA can win their legal battles and keep the landscape from changing.

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  2. Rebar

    What, no Auburn? Thought everybody loved Auburn


  3. pantslesspatdye

    A lot of football left to be played


  4. Mirabella

    Grammar isn’t fair either, Stewart. Bruce Feldman and I. Brude Feldman and I.

    -That Guy


    • Anonymous

      This is the wrong thread, but Stewart Mandel’s usage was correct. It would be Bruce Feldman and I if they were the active subject of the sentence. You should always use the term that would be used if the extra name, Bruce Feldman in this case, was not there. Proper usages would like:

      Bruce Feldman and I are ostensibly informed writers.
      Ostensibly informed writers like me and Bruce Feldman were wrong.

      To make is a little more obvious, check the following.
      People like I are old. vs People like me are old.

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  5. siskey

    Pruitt seems too smart and too savvy to fall for Phil’s okie doke. It would be different if Phil were some brilliant tactician but his genius in coaching was getting players from Georgia and Alabama while the flagship schools there were being mismanaged. Richt sorted us out and Phil wasn’t really successful against Bama until Stallings left.
    Maybe it is Pruitt who is playing the long con and he will usurp the usurper, either way it will be fun to watch.


  6. Codie Alan

    Free education, free room and board, free books, the shame of it all. how do they survive? Liberals crack me up. I guess because its “free” means they aren’t being compensated properly….


  7. Mirabella

    There are more attractive hills for the ‘dyin.


  8. Mirabella

    /Bans self


  9. rwphonics

    Honest question, how is Fulmer allowed to coach? Doesn’t that break the league rule on number of on field coaches?


  10. Huntindawg

    I am jumping on board with the Senator. Let’s have a completely free market with this caveat: schools can choose the free market model or the scholarship model. Likewise for athletes. But athletes that are subject to the free market model are also subject to a draft. That fixes the parity problem.


  11. Mayor

    Note the absence of a PAC 12 team from that list. Maybe the best team out there on the left coast this year is the Pirate’s team—if he has a qb.