“It was the cherry on top, you could say.”

Remember the Florida player who announced his departure from the program within minutes after that disappointing loss to Kentucky?  Most observers chalked that up to a lack of confidence in Mullen, but after reading this, I’d say Mullen’s lucky he left.

The rest of the story goes back months, when Lemons said he had problems with marijuana that earned him a suspension for the opener against Charleston Southern. The punishment could have been worse in a program that has grown stricter since Dan Mullen took over for Jim McElwain, who signed Lemons in 2017.

“Mac, he was letting a lot players get away with a lot of stuff,” Lemons said. “Mullen came in. He was really strict with the rules.”

Lemons said Mullen told him to either go to a rehab program or lose his spot on the team. Lemons agreed to go to Gainesville’s Florida Recovery Center over the summer. That’s the same program Browns receiver Josh Gordon attended.

The initial plan, Lemons said, was to stay for a month, but Mullen asked him to stay another week. He did.

“I’m showing him genuine passion I really wanted to change myself,” said Lemons, a 6-foot, 200-pound sophomore. “I don’t know if he really even saw that.”

Or maybe Mullen did see it, but it didn’t matter because UF has a crowded backfield with Jordan Scarlett, Lamical Perine and Jesuit High alumnus Malik Davis.

The carries Lemons thought he earned in part because of his effort to get clean never materialized. He didn’t rush the ball Saturday, although he returned two kickoffs for 47 yards.

Lemons had previously expressed displeasure at UF, tweeting before the 2017 Vanderbilt game that it would be his last. He was planning on leaving soon after the Kentucky game (regardless of its outcome) but was “pretty much fed up” after the defeat.

He said his frustration spiked after the game, when he became disruptive while “expressing myself a little too much,” during Mullen’s address to the team. Lemons was asked to leave the locker room. Not long afterward, he tweeted his intention to transfer.

“I barely got touches that game,” Lemons said. “I’m outta here.”

Hell, if I were Mullen, I would have offered to help him pack.

I don’t think Florida’s problems this year are limited to talent.


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31 responses to ““It was the cherry on top, you could say.”

  1. Otto

    Sounds like things were worse under McElwain than we thought.


  2. Trbodawg

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. McElwain was grasping at straws



    I hate it for the reptiles.


  4. Uglydawg

    Mullen just gained a little respect from me.


    • Bulldog Joe

      I would give Mullen some respect if Lemons was a starter. Otherwise, the Process® endures.


      • Minnesota Dawg

        Yep. Sounds like Mullen’s rules are stricter…but how and to whom those rules apply have a lot to with the depth chart. This is not dissimilar to how Mullen’s mentor, Urban Meyer, handles discipline.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Now I’m even more sad that McElwain got fired.


  6. Cojones

    When you can’t make lemonade with Lemons, how the heck can you do it without Lemons? Florida has all that Big Sugar and water and all they can make is pollution. Sounds about right.


    • Athens Townie

      LOL, yep. This Florida job might not be as tough as Pruitt’s turnaround at Tennessee, but it ain’t looking too easy either.


      • Cojones

        Aholes can be bought by the dozens. Where to play them is the bigger problem, although one can smoke marijuana while playing Aholes.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Keep all this quiet and offer him to auburn or ut, he would make a great teammate. I think he is just what they need to round off either one of those teams.


  8. SRQDawgs15

    FYI…Lemons committed and decommitted between UNC and UF like 5 times during his recruitment for various reasons as well. This outcome always seemed much more likely than him sticking it out for 4-5 years. Sad story but this article kind of highlights how everything is somebody else’s fault for him….https://www.seccountry.com/florida/adarius-lemons-next-generation-florida-gators-2017?utm_campaign=SF_SECCountryUF&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social


    • Russ

      I’m sure he’s difficult but the kid has had a pretty shitty life for a good portion of his childhood. Hopefully he steps up and takes some responsibility for his actions before it’s too late.

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  9. Paul

    Nobody needs or wants a kid like that on their team. How does he figure anybody else picks him up knowing what kind of a self centered, disruptive jerk he is? Plus, he’s stupid. You have to try pretty hard to get in trouble for weed these days. Especially if you’re a Florida football player.


  10. truck

    The Greatest Locker Room Egos of Our Era.


  11. Athens Townie

    When coaching gives you Lemons…


  12. Anybody hear anything about moving the game to noon Saturday?


    • 92 grad

      I haven’t. I’m 70. Lies north of the bad Columbia, 60 miles south of Greenville, and 90 miles east of Athens. The most current forecast has the storm center going directly over my house sometime Sunday night or Monday mid-morning. Still too uncertain. I would think Athens would be hit with windy weather Monday night. There’s still a couple days to see what happens though.


  13. South Carolina cancels game vs. Marshall


  14. Addition by subtraction. Very similar to UGA cutting ties with Tray Matthews


  15. Spike

    He will be working at the car wash soon with that attitude.