Regrets? Montana has a few.

I had to chuckle when I read Stewart Mandel’s opening to this week’s Mailbag ($$):

Brand​ bias is a very real​ thing among​ those​ of us who​ cover​ college​ football.​ It’s​ why we continually​ overrate teams​​ like Texas and USC while assuming Clemson would revert to the mean as soon as Deshaun Watson left the building.

And it’s probably why ostensibly informed writers like me and Bruce Feldman thought South Carolina was going to give Georgia a game last weekend.

Does that mean the Gamecocks don’t have a brand bias?

BTW, Mandel’s all aboard the Kirby train now.


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5 responses to “Regrets? Montana has a few.

  1. 81Dog

    well, at least SM is big enough to admit when he’s wrong. He could have just blamed it on something, or someone, else. The first step towards correcting a problem is recognizing there IS a problem, n’est pas?


  2. You know who I don’t think about when Georgia is trouncing SEC foes? Mark Richt. I get the frustration towards the end of his tenure, and even some good/bad nostalgia during Kirby’s first two years, but this Georgia team is all Kirby. I agree with Mandel that crapping on Richt is a disservice to him personally and what he was able to accomplish in Athens. He took the program from middling also-ran up the mountain to perennial conference contender. The progress just stalled before reaching the top nationally. Considering the program Georgia was in the 1990’s, winning the conference twice and winning the division five times is no small matter.

    tl;dr: Let’s move on and allow our memories of Mark Richt to mellow until we can just remember the good times, and enjoy the hell out of what Kirby is doing right now.

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    • Dave

      I just don’t understand why it has to be all or nothing for some people. It’s ok to appreciate what Richt accomplished, while at the same time acknowledging that his teams had a propensity for crapping the proverbial bed in situations like last Saturday.

      There are a lot of .300 hitters out there that seem to not come through in the clutch as much as others.

      To continue with the baseball metaphors, I think Richt is viewed much like Andruw Jones. He did a LOT of good/great things, and was certainly better than the average coach/player. But, considering what he had to work with (or at least, what most perceived he had to work with), many consider his career a disappointment.


      • Macallanlover

        Right, it is hard to understand as it was neither perfect, or horrible. UGA unquestionably had some success, and took a major step forward from where we had been. Kirby has done a great job, but he didn’t inherit the status Richt did, UGA had been in the conversation a few times, and within a play three times for one of 2 spots. I never feel the hate in conversations with other fans, just a few on here who have some personal issues.

        Everyone that is rational can feel good about UGA football, wasn’t like that for 15 years before Richt, but it wasn’t bad during Rict’s 15 years. We are in a better place now, but would not be where we are now if Richt hadn’t moved the ball forward…now Kirby is building on that. Why the unbalanced hate? We will never understand because it makes no sense from an objective standpoint. Just remember, it is just a few people, doesn’t reflect the vast majority. Let the head bangers bang away and don’t waste your time with them.

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