“I never really thought of it that way.”

“Florida’s strength and conditioning were so lacking under McElwain that some players hired personal trainers.”

What in the wide, wide world of sports was Jeremy Foley thinking when he hired Jim McElwain?

McElwain’s recruiting classes never finished higher than fifth in the SEC. The talent gap might not be as glaring against Colorado State as it will be next month against Georgia.

Yeah, he notched a couple of wins over Georgia.  Then the talent ran out and his last Gator team got waxed.

Now, Florida gets to pay a couple of million dollars to CSU as its final reward.  Well played.


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28 responses to ““I never really thought of it that way.”

  1. Mayor

    I’m beginning to believe Bobo has a chance.


  2. MDDawg

    This weekend Bobo’s Rams improve to 2-0 in SEC play.

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  3. Austin

    If Bobo and the Rams can pull off this weekend’s win, then both Florida and Tennessee have great chances of being bowl ineligible at the end of the season. I can only imagine how much that will help our recruiting and widening grip on the SEC east/ SEC as a whole.


  4. ASEF

    Kind of the Anti-Process coach, wasn’t he?

    Don’t recruit them, don’t develop them…,

    I guess he figured it was his genius offensive scheming that helped him be the OC for two championship teams and move into the HC ranks?


  5. moe pritchett

    For life of me I can’t figure out how we dropped TWO against the shark humper.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    “Yeah, he notched a couple of wins over MARK RICHT. Then the talent ran out and his last Gator team got waxed.”

    I feel like that’s a necessary edit.

    There was no excuse for losing those games to those Florida teams, just like there was ZERO excuse to losing to the last Muschamp team running three plays with a backup backup quarterback. I don’t care how good their defensive talent was. No excuse.


  7. ChiliDawg

    As much as I want the Rams to pull the upset, I think it’s fool’s gold. Yeah, Kentucky beat Florida. But UK is a good football team. Yes CSU beat Arkansas. But that was a collapse by the hogs in the 4th quarter allowing the Rams to score 17. And the Hogs are worse off than the Gators. Let’s not forget CSU got waxed by Colorado the week before. Florida probably vents some frustration tomorrow.


  8. Biggen

    I really think UF drops this game tomorrow. Franks is just not a good QB.


  9. DavetheDawg

    Tennessee is going to beat Florida in another week. When Pruitt and Mullen meet at mid-field, I bet there’s a quick passing of the trash can ceremony.


    • Mike Cooley

      I pray this doesn’t happen. Tennessee already thinks they’re “back” because they won a game last week. If they beat Florida the rocky top delusion will be in believeable. FU knows they suck.


  10. Will Trane

    So the S&C fell that far! Amazing!
    You have to ask this question.
    Where was the “Old Ball Coach” and the “bull gator supporters’?
    After all this past week the OBC, as oft is his habit, took to jabbing other SEC coaches and programs, like Jimbo Fisher fell into a gold mine.
    He could be right re the monetary value of A&M. Recently reported by a national leading financial journal it is the richest program in the country.
    It was interesting to note in the UK vs UF game how much time ESPN spent with OBC
    Since I generally mute their announcers I did not listen to see if those astute ESPN folks asked the OLC about the past problems and the S&C, much less the consumption of Gator Aid ZERO.
    What we do know is this. Dare say JB will have better success at A&M than the OBC did at USC.
    Also McElwain was Saban’s OC when they beat CMR in SECC game that end with Dawgs perched on the goal with no plays and no time.
    So where did he go?
    Looks as if UT’s former coach passed Pruitt going to UA, if not there is a guy on their sideline who must be his twin.


  11. UFTimmy

    I know every fanbase gets excited about a new S&C coach and program, but this is why UF fans were more so this off season.

    When you AD mentions the S&C issues during a new coach’s press conference, you know something more than usual is going on there.


  12. The Truth

    Didn’t he pick up on any of The Process at Bama, or did he think he just had a better way? Or did he just use the Bama line on his resume to score a fat paycheck and moved to Florida for better access to marine life.


  13. The Dawg abides

    I wish it had played out without the whole death threat saga. I mean, if Mac hadn’t gotten all weird and just kept his mouth shut and finished the season, what would’ve happened? Do they really fire him after one bad season out of three, two of which featured division titles?


  14. It all seems so obvious now. Such ineptitude and pressures led McElwain into the loving embrace of that shark.