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Mr. Conventional Wisdom is learning things.

Tony can still bring it, peeps.

I don’t subscribe to TMG, but I don’t really need a subscription to finish his list, do I?



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Jake Browning makes an ill-fated decision to throw the ball while running for his life and the rest, well… I’ll let you judge the rest.

The Pac-12 appears to be hot garbage this year.


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Black and mysterious

Screw the turnover chain.  Richard LaCounte’s got a hit stick!

When he arrived at Sanford Stadium Saturday morning for the ubiquitous Dawg Walk, Georgia safety Richard LeCounte carried on his shoulder a rather menacing baseball bat.

The message LeCounte sought to impart to anyone who passed by was that No. 3 Georgia’s defense had come to play, but not to play around.

“The black bat is the hit stick,” said Lecounte, who recorded three tackles and had a fumble recovery in the second quarter. “I can’t speak much on it, but the bat solidifies everything about our defense – hard and tough.”

Gotta admit, I’m intrigued with the “I can’t speak much on it” part.  What dark secret is LeCounte holding back?  Deandre Baker sheds a tiny bit more light on the stick.

When asked about the “hit stick,” which LeCounte seems to think will one day stand alongside the “Savage” turnover shoulder pads in Bulldog mythology, Baker said, “That’s his personal hit stick. He painted it black and he earned it.”

I would pay good money to watch Kirby stroll into tomorrow’s presser toting that.  The Coke bottle needs a buddy prop.


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The FCS might be the only friend you have, pardnah.

Yesterday was a good day for picking up a win and a big check.


Not pretty.  But there’s a silver lining.

Lesson for the weekend:  there are cupcakes, and then there are cupcakes.


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“At the time I thought I was doing the right thing.”

The Urban Meyer Self-Rehabilitation Tour commences.  Don’t forget to hold your nose.


UPDATE:  Don’t forget the barf bag, either.


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You come at the king…

Boy, I can’t wait to read The Daily Mississipian’s Ben Miller’s next hot take.

As is the case every single season when the Ole Miss Rebels are about to face off against the Crimson Tide, the traditions, the narratives and the hatred are at the forefront. As “Bama Hate Week” turns into Bama game day, we’ve heard everything we could have possibly heard about the matchup. From nasty sheet signs aimed at Nick Saban and his family to Tide fans incessantly touting the 66-3 scoreline from last season over Rebel fans, it is quite a week to be a college football fan.

Among the madness, there is but one sentence that few have been brave enough to say: Nick Saban is an overrated head coach. Stay with me. I am perfectly willing to admit that Alabama would not have gotten to where they are currently without Saban’s tremendous recruiting talents that resulted in him having a dominant football team early in his career. What I am not willing to say, however, is anything that would make it sound like Saban is even close to being the greatest college football coach to ever live.

I can only imagine what an Alabama with a truly great coach would have done to Ole Miss in the first half last night.


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You don’t wanna mess with Deandre Baker.

For some reason, somebody who’s part of the Middle Tennessee offensive brain trust thought it was a bright idea to challenge Georgia’s all-world cornerback on the Blue Raiders second possession.

You could say things didn’t end well.

This was the first shot.

Pretty effing boss there.

Baker followed that up on the next play with an interception.

Thus endeth the challenge Baker game plan.  I’m not even sure Stockstill looked in his direction the rest of the day.


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“That’s on me.”

Ladies and gentlemen, your quintessential Paul Johnson quote:

On the failed fake punt from the Tech 26-yard line in the first quarter:

That was a bad call. I’ll eat that one. That was on me. Our (assistant coach) who had the punt team thought it was there. He thought it was going to be easy, and I’m not sure it wouldn’t have been easy if the guy who caught the damn thing (defensive end Antwan Owens) would have run outside where he was supposed to. But that was a bad call. That’s on me.

The man can’t even take responsibility for a coaching decision without throwing somebody else under the bus.  The genius points fingers like the rest of us breath breathe.

It’s got to be an unalloyed delight working or playing for that guy.


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These are heady times, my friends.

Georgia has opened the 2018 season with three wins, scoring more than forty points in each.  I did a half-assed job of looking last night, but couldn’t find another start like that in Georgia history.  (Brownie points to whomever can sleuth that out.)

As great as that is, there’s a strong likelihood that the best is yet to come.  Consider that through his first 31 games, Kirby Smart only has the second best winning percentage among Georgia head coaches.

Coach Kirby Smart currently boasts a 24-7 record and a 0.774 winning percentage, having carded his twenty-fourth win overall over the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders.

At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley’s 31st game as head coach resulted in a Georgia Bulldog win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets giving Coach Dooley a record of 22-8-1 and 0.726 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 25-6 (0.806) after beating the Alabama Crimson Tide in his third season as head coach.

Thirty-one games in to his head coaching career Kirby Smart is one game behind Coach Mark Richt and ahead of Coach Vince Dooley by 2 ½ games. As of now, he is holding his own versus the two winningest coaches in Georgia Football History.

He’s recruiting way better than either of them did, so prepare to be left in the dust for good, fellas.

Before you engage in a serious bout of chest-pounding over that 40+ point streak, though, consider this.

I am still searching for the term to describe what Alabama’s offense did to Ole Miss’ defense in the first half of last night’s game.  Seal-clubbing seems woefully inadequate.

The Dawgs boast an impressive +111 points differential after those three games.  It’s only third-best in the SEC, though, behind the Tide’s +142 and Mississippi State’s +124.  Tough neighborhood.

So, yeah, it’s hard not to be excited, especially about the long-term prospects, for Georgia football, but that SECCG, assuming the Dawgs return, is gonna be a real challenge.


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Approaching peak dumbass

We’re only three weeks into the season, and this may already qualify as the most embarrassing special teams play of 2018.

Arkansas was going to be a tough job this year, given the transition/personnel issues Chad Morris faces.  But damn, Hogs, you don’t need to go out of your way to make it worse.


UPDATE:  Why aren’t they blowing the whistle?  LOL.


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