“At the time I thought I was doing the right thing.”

The Urban Meyer Self-Rehabilitation Tour commences.  Don’t forget to hold your nose.


UPDATE:  Don’t forget the barf bag, either.


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32 responses to ““At the time I thought I was doing the right thing.”

  1. j4k372

    I wonder if you could fit the egos of Urbz and PJ in a room together.


  2. Greg

    They may have done more damage by keeping the guy than letting him go…..it may work itself out.


  3. He just can’t seem to say the words, “I made a mistake. I didn’t do enough to protect Courtney. I didn’t uphold one of my core values. I shouldn’t have wiped my phone of old text messages. I should no longer have the privilege of being head football coach at my alma mater but am grateful for the second chance.”

    Sociopath … Shame on you, Ohio State, for not firing this jerk for cause. You and your fans have truly shown all you care about is “Just win, baby.”

    If something like this ever happened at UGA, I would want every person associated with it fired immediately.


  4. Quacker ass quacker

    One of my biggest flaws is that I care too much.


  5. Cojones

    He didn’t do anything because it would end the family’s(?) income. He did it for the children – the poor, poor children who will have to do without money for their mom to be safe.

    Hypocritical asswipes don’t change – they just blow!


  6. Pope Urban Meyer

    I’m too good of a person and that sometimes gets used against me. And I’ll take the blame for that.

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  7. Brandon

    He needs to shut up so bad, he’s your stereotypical uncontrollable client. I know his lawyers have to be telling him to shut the hell up.


    • I’m sure his agent, his lawyer and his PR person set this up. I imagine they gave him the specific talking points to follow. Whether he did that or not is another question.

      He can now take the podium before practice tomorrow and say to the first person to ask him about it, “Watch my interview with ESPN. I’m not answering any more questions about Coach Smith, so this team can move on.”


    • Brandon

      There are some clients that just won’t listen, I think Corch is one of those, every statement he has made has just dug the hole deeper in my opinion. I can’t believe highly paid and presumably competent objective professionals would sign off on some of this excrement that has been pouring forth from Corch’s mouth since this thing began. Maybe I’m wrong but I have to think he went off script here.

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      • Oh, I think he probably went off script from what his handlers wanted him to say, but a sociopath like him just can’t straight up take responsibility for his actions. He just thinks we’re all dumb enough to accept his bull excrement. Maybe he just wants the OSU fan base to accept his BS, so they can attack anyone in the media who says otherwise.

        Has Hurricane Brett responded yet?


  8. DawgPhan

    Ohio State will win titles after Meyer is long gone and they won titles before he ever showed up there.

    Why spend so much to protect someone that makes so little impact?


    • I intensely dislike the guy like most but the facts are: he has won 12 games in four of his six years there & he has never lost more than 1 conference game in a season. tOSU values those totals and the asses in the seats more than anything else, obviously.


  9. SCDawg

    At least he apologized for the perception that he didn’t do the right thing.


  10. Given all the time he’s had to think, and this is the best he can come up with and, as Brandon suggested above, he probably didn’t think of it himself. He would be better off if he just stopped talking and I sincerely wish he would.


  11. 92 grad

    I’m not going to watch that clip but I’m glad it’s been linked to here, I like to read everyone’s comments.


  12. sniffer

    That fuck believes everything he said.

    Sorry, Debby, Mary Kate, et al.


  13. Gurkha Dawg

    Ok, let me see if I understand this. Meyer is apologizing for creating the perception of a situation which people think was caused by him being an asshole, but he says, in reality was caused by the fact that he and his wife care about people so much.


  14. Hal Evans

    Just a lying POS. You can’t spell SCUM without Coach Urban Meyer.


  15. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am not a particularly violent person, but if I ran into CUM somewhere I am not sure I could keep from beating the crap out of him on general principles.


  16. Russ

    Psychopathic piece of shit.


  17. Macallanlover

    He is a scumbag, and I hate he was removed from the sport, but we can do nothing about it. Shame on ohio for not doing their job with integrity.

    I saw this elsewhere, and appreciate the cleverness of whomever thought of it because it links Crier and ohio in one sentence. A sign at gameday yesterday:
    Urban Let Smith “dot the eye”.



  18. Hogbody Spradlin

    I decline to justify that by watching it. If you did, be sure to bathe afterward.


  19. TMC DAWG

    If he was really ready to fess up. He should have let Bret McMurphy conduct the interview:


  20. ApalachDawg

    He is nuts


  21. Russ

    I hate the Tom Rinaldi pablum anyway, but when it’s to “rehabilitate” a piece of shit like Urban Liar, I refuse to watch it.

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  22. AusDawg85

    Somebody please get a microphone in front of his wife and let’s she if she can keep the stories straight and how she responds to Urban throwing her under the bus.