Mr. Conventional Wisdom is learning things.

Tony can still bring it, peeps.

I don’t subscribe to TMG, but I don’t really need a subscription to finish his list, do I?



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  1. Saxondawg

    We’re way too harsh. If, say, you had just moved to the Deep South from maybe a faraway galaxy, and didn’t really grasp the subtleties of Southern football, Tony’s work would be a lifeline. You, the new alien life form, could stand proudly at the water cooler with the earthlings and fake it well, saying vaguely relevant things like these. I’m going to guess that one of the really good ones, hidden behind the paywall, is that “Missouri is going to give Georgia its best game.” And is the Auburn love affair with Malzahn a bit frayed this week? Man, now I’m thinking I’ll have to buy a subscription to find out.

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  2. Brandon

    Tony comes from a time when his “5 things” that appeared in the Sunday paper were literally the only “analysis” the average CFB fan got on football on a week to week basis. Time passed, sports networks, 24/7 coverage, cell phones, recruiting services, lap top computers, the internet, twitter, blogging, etc. were all invented and Tony has never adjusted. He needs to be stuffed and put in a museum.

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  3. Russ

    Coach O is the perfect example of why I love college football. That cajun would coach LSU for free, and his post game comment to the team about their win over Auburn was epic. I think we’re going to have our hands full with the Bayou Bengals.

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    • TXBaller

      He almost killed them (LSU) with his Mark Richt fake punt (everybody in the house could see it coming). Only thing/person missing was Joe T.


    • Brandon

      I did love the way he looked like he was going to head butt that State trooper right after the game. Man, he was fired up. Between Coach O and the Mad Hatter, LSU has had a lockdown on “SEC Coach Most Likely To Be A Great Drinking Buddy” for some time.


  4. Mike Cooley

    Yeah that’s about right. He’s a nice guy, his time has just passed.


  5. Bright Idea

    At least one would be, “I talked to Coach Spurrier last night and he said no Georgia guy will ever win in The Swamp!”


  6. Red Cup

    He does dye his hair though to make him appear young, hip, and with it. So there’s that


  7. Merk

    I’ll hold my judgement for how great Bama’s O is. Ole Miss had over 40 put on them by Southern Illinois and Louisville barely beat WKU.


    • mwo

      They were doing choke slams on the ole miss d line. I don’t think they are all that great but they get by with murder because of playing while Bama. Like Roquan getting tackled in the championship game when tua scrambled.



    Any holding call against Bama? I’ll hang up,and listen.


  9. Bill Glennon

    Seminole Fans Need to be patient with Willie Taggart. Why are so many fans expecting instant success these days? Did you know that that Nick Saban lost to Louisiana Monroe his first season at Alabama?
    Alabama and UGA look like the best teams in their respective divisions of the SEC. But, those fan bases shouldn’t make their reservations for December 1st in Atlanta just yet. There’s a long way to go and a lot can happen over the course of the season.
    Some Cupcakes aren’t that sweet for Power 5 Teams. North Texas? Troy? Fresno State? BYU? Better bring your A game, or you could face an an upset loss at home. These small schools get paid a lot of money and win too! ADs are not happy.


    • michaeloyler

      Disagree on Taggart. He is not top program coach material. His resume is “okay” at bear. I heard an interview with him the week before the season started, it was really uncompelling. I told my pals before that va tech game to short FSU.

      I hate to be so bearish on what seems like a good guy, but I am shocked He got this job


      • Cojones

        I caught the Taggart resume holes before the season, but thought that, as a former player with lucky success, he would pull it together with that ole ‘Nole swagger. Hasn’t happened and their play is haphazard, raggedy and their O-line is a piece of fermenting crap. Thought they might even win 8 games, but it will not be. Bad and mysterious troubles plaguing that team that won’t be resolved for the rest of this year or until they get rid of their O-cord and line coach.


        • Macallanlover

          Their OL coach for years, has put out a bad product, but this one is exceptionally bad. Won’t be fixed anytime soon, Clemson gets a few more passes.

          Comments I hear here say, if you don’t like the guy, just move on, no one makes you read it. I understand the analysis depth issues, but the guy is a Dawg. Let it be, spend the money on The Athletic and ignore a product you don’t care for (meant for anyone bitching). I will say journalism has slipped to such a pathetic level, he is not even in the lower two thirds. At least it isn’t intended to deceive.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Georgia Tech needs to recruit better.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Clemson looks like they will have some success in the ACC this season.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    South Carolina fans are disappointed in the game cancellation, but it was the right thing to do.


  13. 3 – Auburn has players, on both side of the ball, that can help them lose no more games by scoring more than the other team does.

    4 – Tennessee may have a football team.

    5 – Florida is, in fact, a state.


  14. Union Jack

    My favorite tweet of Tony’s from the weekend?

    Apparently Troy’s head coach is a volunteer…


  15. Harold Miller

    Sadly we keep seeing these personalities trotted about well past their time. Tony, Lee Corso, Keith Jackson near the end, and I know I’m going to catch hell of this, but Larry Munson toward the end was a shadow of himself.
    It really makes me uncomfortable to see these folks fumbling around when they should retire.
    Of course, some people may say that about time.