You don’t wanna mess with Deandre Baker.

For some reason, somebody who’s part of the Middle Tennessee offensive brain trust thought it was a bright idea to challenge Georgia’s all-world cornerback on the Blue Raiders second possession.

You could say things didn’t end well.

This was the first shot.

Pretty effing boss there.

Baker followed that up on the next play with an interception.

Thus endeth the challenge Baker game plan.  I’m not even sure Stockstill looked in his direction the rest of the day.


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9 responses to “You don’t wanna mess with Deandre Baker.

  1. Greg

    having a great season far….so is Reed. Thinks the rest of the secondary will start to close the gap (performance). Could be one of the best we have ever had before season’s end….the talent is definitely there.


    • LeCounte has been darn good this year. Campbell is a future star. Poole (at nickel star) is solid. I agree if they keep improving, this group will be an asset down the road.

      Baker’s decision to return is going to make him some serious cash in April.


  2. Cojones

    Don’t overlook that we continue to get new stars on Offense as well.


  3. Yurdle

    Every team calls their guys DBs. Highest compliment they can give to D’Andre Baker. And Deebo didn’t know his name?

    As for Reed, love that guy but he took an epically bad angle on the TD MTSU scored yesterday.


  4. Trbodawg

    I love to watch him play, but really dislike that “shooting up”, “ice in the veins” gesture. I guess I’m just old, crotchy, and out of touch, but why do that?


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Our secondary is gonna have to play the game(s) of their life against the evil empire.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    The secondary has been a pleasant surprise, both starters and subs. I’d say they are the strength of our D after 3 games. Mizzou/Luck should be an interesting challenge.


  7. Hines Word

    Off topic but can someone explain what his celebration dance is? He did that after his USC pick-fumble too. (I hope I’m misinterpreting it.)