Georgia-Tennessee game time announced.

CBS is coming back to Athens, y’all.

Color me a little surprised CBS didn’t opt for Dan Mullen’s triumphant return to Starkville.


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15 responses to “Georgia-Tennessee game time announced.


    South Carolina at KY might be worth a watch too..


  2. ChiliDawg

    I didn’t know CBS was into snuff films…

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  3. Granthams replacement

    By 5:00 pm the ratings will be nil in 48 states.

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  4. Salty Dawg

    I. Can’t. Wait. !!!


  5. 202dawg

    Surprised and it’s not MSU/UF and disappointed we don’t get to boat race the Vowels at night.

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  6. David K

    This comes down to eyeballs. More people will watch Georgia beat the shit out of Tennessee than Mississippi State in a close game. The other Bulldogs probably deserve the love from CBS but nationally nobody gives a damn.


  7. dawgtired

    SC vs UK looks like the best matchup on that list. Week 4 has plenty of interesting matchups as well.

    Mizzu vs UGA – Locke vs the missing Dawg pass rush and D. Baker

    TAMU vs Bama – TAMU needed a bad call to drop the game against the #3 Tigers. It will be interesting to see just how competitive they can be against Bama. The outcome could be the first indication of the separation between Clemson and Bama.

    SC vs Vandy – this may be tougher than expected. If SC is still figuring out their identity on offense, Vandy will give them a challenge.

    UK vs MsSt – this is arguably the toughest game for both teams to date. I would love to see an middle-the-pack SEC East team give MsSt all they could handle.

    Just wanted to talk football…


    • David K

      We’ll learn a lot about Kentucky this week. They have a legit chance to finish 2nd in the division or they could be the same old Kentucky. They could easily lose their next 3 games against Miss St, SC, and A&M. Then they’re gripping to beat the likes of Vandy, UT and Louisville to get bowl eligible.


  8. Mayor

    Look for UK to wax SC.