Why we’re still here.

I’m not going to go into any details, but I received a message from someone who is a regular reader of the blog that reminded me of a post of mine from a few years ago about the bonds we share as Dawg fans.

Every once in a while, it really hits me why I enjoy this blog so much.  Certainly it’s nice to have a public outlet to express myself and it’s gratifying when I get a public response to my opinions.  It’s no secret that I enjoy the give-and-take of a good debate as much as anybody and I’ve had plenty of those with you guys in the comments.

But the best part of the GTP experience for me, hands down, comes every time I’m reminded what’s at the core of why you and I have a special feeling about college football, which, after all, is just a game.  And that core isn’t statistics or playoff formats or whether this coach or that one is the right man for the job… and it sure as hell isn’t money.

It’s community.  It’s being part of a group of people who bind together, both face to face on a few special Saturdays every fall and by sharing something of themselves in a virtual sense the rest of the year, over a common passion.  You know the pain and pleasure, the highs and lows that everyone feels, even if those sometimes are expressed very differently.

I’ve been lucky in both ways.  I’ve celebrated the fall with a close group of friends for more than thirty years now.  We’ve watched each other get older, seen our kids grow up, had our laughs and our share of tears.  And on the blogging side of things, I’ve been the recipient of a steady stream of e-mails that start with something like “I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and wanted to share this with you”… and then they do.  And I honestly marvel every time I see that how this shared experience matters.

Just a reminder that you guys are the best and I appreciate all of you.  It’s why I keep at it.



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  1. I’m a new comer… Have greatly enjoyed the blog… Have learned a lot – greatly appreciate the time/energy/passion that goes into this.


  2. Bob

    Could not agree more. By far the best Georgia blog out there with the most ‘rational’ fans. I am a member of a general board with fans from multiple teams that is similar. These are hard to find. Priceless. Keep up the great work and Go Dawgs.


  3. Glc55dawg

    I too have been a long time reader. Seldom post, but i look forward to every tidbit of wisdom you share with us. I have invited maybe 30 others to read your posts, and we banter daily about the pearls you share. Thanks so much!


  4. artful codger

    I don’t post a lot, but have been coming here a while now. Probably 10 years plus. And by “coming here”, I mean 2nd or 3rd stop every morning after my Facebook homepage. Then again at least once in the evening. I don’t particularly enjoy reading everything on the palate; B-M inner workings comes to mind. Favorite is view from the sidelines: bullet points. Thanks for all you do. Senator! GATA!


  5. Salty Dawg

    Aww, Senator! Thank YOU for giving us a place to share our love for the DAWGS, first and foremost!


  6. Biggus Rickus

    I’m not generally one for praise, but you do a good job here. It’s the only Georgia blog left that I pay much attention to.


  7. Salty Dawg

    And a thank you to the regular reader!


  8. gastr1

    I really appreciate the daily posts and the frequent links to other good reads as well as this one. Get the Picture and morning coffee to start the day, every day. Thank you!


  9. dawgtired

    Senator, I appreciate the time and energy you put into GTP. It’s a joy coming here to share my thoughts and read what others share about UGA football. I don’t get into any other sports; college football is it for me. Many of my old football buddies have move on in one way or another so it’s nice having ‘internet’ buddies to talk football. It’s interesting how you can get to know people without every meeting them personally. Thanks and keep up the good work.


  10. jhorne2000

    Thanks for keeping at it!


  11. Mick Jagger

    Read daily, post occasionally, always enjoy


  12. Al

    Thanks you, sir. You are the best in the business.


  13. sniffer

    After some ten years, still part of my morning ritual. Many thanks, Senator.


  14. mg4life0331

    I’m just glad we are doing better. I felt like with the playoff system implemented and some of the seasons we had you were going to retire early on this blog.

    You are a habit of mine everyday regardless if I agree with you politically or other issues that arise. I honestly enjoy to read your view from the other side and I’m glad you share it with me.


  15. Brandon

    Since it’s inception, this has been the best Georgia blog on the internet, and the introduction of the Playpen has largely restored the comment section from the hot mess it had become.


  16. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I learn so much from your blog. At homecoming last year my comments to my friend were mostly based on information gleaned from your posts and from others who post. There was an alumn sitting close to us for that game who said to his friend, “Listen to this guy, he knows what he’s talking about.” That would not have been true before I became a reader of your blog. Additionally, I posted a comment a year or two ago referencing the civility of the people who post here. We may have gotten away from that a little recently but, for the most part, I think that’s still true. My post resulted in a comment from someone observing that “We are good people here.” I think you inspire some of that in your readers.


  17. Biggen

    We may not always agree Senator, but I respect your opinion on all matters that encompass the dawgs. I probably check your site a dozen time a day always jonesing for that next update.

    I almost feel bad for fans from other teams don’t have the kind of dedicated blogger that we have here at GTP. Almost…


  18. DoubleDawg1318

    Amen Senator. The shared passion that no other sport matches is what makes it so special. Thanks for feeding us a regular stream of content! I especially appreciate the non-Georgia links. You do a better job keeping me informed on cfb than ESPN and Co.


  19. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this Senator. I also appreciate that when we disagree you do it respectfully (and hope I do as well) . Thanks for what you do.


  20. Uglydawg.

    Well said. I love all you guys too!

    But this doesn’t mean that Chili and I are going to be holding hands and taking long walks together.


  21. Billy Mumphrey

    Is someone sick? Who’s dying? This was the kind of praise my parents would give me when something bad was going to happen.


  22. Mary Kate Danaher

    I, for one, appreciate the fact that we as readers always get your best shot.

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  23. Pretty much the only place I visit during the week … keep up the great work, Senator.


  24. Erk's Forehead

    When I open The Dawgbone, I look for GTP first. Then I look for Recruit info. Very rarely read anything else. Sure. We have family arguments…..and when I see some family members pull into the driveway, I want to gag. (looking at you, gastr1), but I consider GTP our dysfunctional family. Anyway, keep on keeping on & thanks.


  25. ApalachDawg

    Coach Smart demands excellence on the field from the players and excellence on the GTP blog by the Senator and his band of merry bloggers.
    There is no finer blog in all the land….


  26. Russ

    The only Georgia blog I read, and it’s been like that for many years. Thanks for all your efforts, Senator.


  27. Morris Day

    I’m relatively new here, only discovered this wonderful blog a little more than a year ago. It is usually my lunch time read M-F when I’m at work. And numerous other times of the day and week! Just great all around. Go Dawgs!


  28. Comin' Down The Track

    Rarely does a day go by that I don’t share one of your links on a text thread with my shidiots. Heaven forbid you should ever decide to hang up your keyboard; but if you should one day do so, the Dawgosphere will be a decidedly lesser place. Long live the King.


  29. DawgFlan

    Well, I hope all is well with the reader that reached out to you. Thank you for enabling this community.


  30. Cojones

    !%&$#^% &$@# and further, you can #+!@ $*#~+ plus the horse you rode in on.

    There, that’s better than the cumbaya sentiments from around the campfire that I’m reading here. How’s the bloomin’ cactus doing, Mike? 🙂


  31. Debby Balcer

    Thank you for the blog and thank you for the playpen. I read the blog first thing every morning, living in SC it is my way to get my DAWG fix. Your weekly playpen post has made the comments so much better.


  32. South FL Dawg

    I get out of Florida and back to Georgia for a little bit each day. Thanks for that.


  33. AusDawg85

    It’s truly amazing how this blog has evolved over so many years. Perhaps some nostalgia is in order. Try this…



  34. Rebar

    Always appreciate your well thought out writing and knowledge. Thanks for all you do!


  35. Normaltown Mike



  36. TMC DAWG

    Read everyday or when work allows me. Best blog around.


  37. Scott

    Thank you for taking the time to share your observations, and perceptions. I read your posts daily and always enjoy both your take on all things “Dawg” and the comments shared by you audience.


  38. Ozam

    Thanks Senator for all your hard work. It is appreciated more than you could ever imagine!

    In today’s crazy world, sports is one of few things that brings society together. As odd as this may sound, my pilgrimage to the Rose Bowl was almost spiritual. Everywhere I went……from the moment I got on the plane there were Dawg fans EVERYWHERE. No one asked about your politics and no one cared. It was where are you from, how long have you been a fan, how difficult was it to get to California, etc..etc. THE BOND WAS THE DAWGS AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERED.

    GTP is our connection!


  39. lostdawg3

    I don’t post much but I damn sure read every post and most of the time just about all of the comments. I’m not gonna lie either….sometimes I re-quote some of the funtastic/incite-full/hilarious/sometimes retarded things that are shared here. This blog is, in this Dawgs opinion, the best place to get good/solid information and share in quality conversation or debate about the one thing that ties us all together, we all bleed red and black!!
    How Bout Them Damn Dawgs!!!!


  40. From my far-flung outpost, I second/third/&fourth all that have posted before me: a hefty tip of the sombrero to the arch playpen wrangler, Bluto.


  41. PTC DAWG

    Good blog for sure…although I’m not sure about the open weekly thread..it brings the worst in a couple of people…


  42. Mike Cooley

    This is what I do when I get home from work. I read the FTP posts for the day. I enjoy it everyday. Senator I for one think the play pen was a great idea. The comments section on everything else is fun again.


  43. 92 grad

    Senator, thank you. There are two dawg sites I visit, yours is everyday, the other is when I need a break thurs-gameday. My blood runs by virtue of being a redcoat, marrying a flag girl, and having the best 5 years of my life earning my degrees and playing in the football and basketball bands. You manage to spark the deep emotions of memories and keeping me current in the goings on and football content, so you really spark deep feelings regularly as I stare at my iPad for hours. Thanks.


  44. Milledge Hall

    Big bark, Senator!!
    Best Blog I’ve read over the years, paws down!!
    ‘Preciate your dedication and devotion!


  45. Three things I have to admire about this blog: 1) The site is run by Senator Blutarsky – big Animal House fan; 2) the background photo of James Brown and Vince Dooley lets you know you’re in the right place; 3) you slog through the crap so we don’t have to and bring us great nuggets of information, insights, and humor. Keep up the great work!


  46. SoCal Dawg

    Dear Senator, I don’t comment much anymore, so I don’t say “thank you” as much as I should. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I still read every day. I don’t know what I’d do without this outlet. You help shape my xmas lists, make more sense than anyone wants to give you credit for, had us voting in polls that made actual sense at one time, and entertain as well as inform us 365. I moved back out west the year before you started “Ball Blawgin'” and this blog is still my tin can string line back home, my intermediary to my DNA, my connection to our beloved Classic City. There is an amazing (and large) group of Dawg fans we gather with 12 Saturdays each Fall, and I would rather spend my time with them and all you Dawg fans “than with the finest people in the world” (h/t Mayor Deebs (Fred Willard) Roxanne 1987. HBTD. Cheers.