An incomplete study

While this is a good start on investigating the topic of how much the new blocking rule has affected the triple option (sample size too small for now), it failed to analyze one significant metric:  the likelihood of the genius blaming a disappointing Tech season on the rule change.


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11 responses to “An incomplete study

  1. gastr1

    “It’s not any more dangerous five yards down the field than it is on the line of scrimmage.” Well, I say you’re completely wrong, Paul Johnson. Simple dynamics of gathered speed and increased space would tell you that away from the LOS there’s more possibility of injurious impact…apparently they didn’t teach that in your master’s program at App State. There too, the idea that it should only be “from the front,” as opposed to from the side, is pretty obvious.

    It’s not a very good look to be both stupid and a whiny asshole, is it?


  2. Biggus Rickus

    I enjoy the conspiracy theory aspect. Maybe rather than wanting it to be a big man’s game, they just don’t want players knees taken out and the threat of injury if defenders don’t jump backwards and out of the play being a viable strategy.


    • Cojones

      And has been the strategy of UGA in practicing against chop blocks for the last couple of years. That and returning them in kind.


  3. Muttley

    To keep their little folks on the line competitive, tech has requested special permission to kick, pinch, and pull hair.


  4. David H.

    The new rule is a good one. Cut-blocking downfield is more dangerous because, in that case, the defenders often cannot see the blocker coming at their legs (their eyes may be in the backfield). At least when the cut-blocking is on the line of scrimmage and happens right after the snap, defenders can typically see the blocker coming for them.


    • Macallanlover

      It is more dangerous because of the speed, but it is easier to avoid because you have time to prepare how to take, or avoid the hit. Cut blocking on the LOS is instantaneous and will hurt you more often. A 275 pound weight hitting you (potentially) every play from three feet away is actually more dangerous. A torn ACL is still a possibility and it costs you a year. No excuse for this if we are serious about safety for players. As part of a strategy, is is low class.


      • NGDawg

        +1000 Mac! As a former lineman I think cut blocking should be eliminated from anywhere on the field! I say this as one who had his MCL taken out on a toss sweep play by a pulling guard! No place in the sport for such a dangerous tactic if we are truly interested in “player safety”.


  5. I hate the rule to allow blocking below the waist. Until it’s abolished, I liked Kirby’s take on it … we can cut them, too.

    I guarantee if I were some Fech 2-star d-lineman, I wouldn’t want Big Ben or Andrew Thomas cutting me. I would just beg for them to pancake me for a SportsCenter highlight.