Even advanced stats know what a meteor game looks like.

I about fell on the floor this morning when I saw Bill Connelly’s projection for the Florida – Tennessee game.

An Ohio State fan provides the perfect finish.


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9 responses to “Even advanced stats know what a meteor game looks like.

  1. Down island way

    Talk about kissin’ your cousin……………..


  2. AusDawg85

    Arkansas over Auburn (ATS)??? Not feeling that.


  3. Vandy over South Carolina when South Carolina has had almost two weeks to prepare?


  4. JCDawg83

    If Vandy beats SC straight up there will be feathers all over the state of SC as chicken fans go berserk with despair and rage. The chickens have had two weeks to prepare for the game and Vandy had a close loss to ND. If Muschamp can’t win this one the chicken faithful might start to lose faith in him.