Where’s the alarm, I asks ‘ya?

Barrett Sallee’s preview of Georgia-Missouri

It’s a cliche, but it’s true. In college football, you have to run the ball and play defense to win at an elite level, and Missouri just isn’t running the ball as effectively as it needs to in order to be a threat in the SEC East. The Tigers are averaging just 4.41 yards per attempt (No. 12 in the SEC), and is going up against a defense that is giving up just 3.38. Drew Lock, Emanuel Hall and Missouri’s passing attack will test the Georgia secondary a little bit, but the Bulldogs will pound Missouri to a point where it can key in on the pass and force Lock into mistakes. Meanwhile, Bulldogs quarterback Jake Fromm (completing 80.4 percent of his passes) shouldn’t have any problem dissecting a Tigers pass defense that is the second-worst in the conference (305 yards per game). Pick: Georgia (-14)

… puts me in mind of something.  I’m not seeing the pundits line up this week to proclaim this game as a potential upset special like the last time this Dawg team traveled to a place called Columbia.  (Not that I’m accusing Barrett of doing that; it’s just that his take reminded me of others’ South Carolina warnings.)

Does that mean Georgia won’t get Missouri’s best shot?


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  1. illini84

    A third of the comments in a Mizzou live chat are about hoops!


  2. The talent gulf between Georgia and Missouri is even wider than the gap with the Poultry. Unless we turn it over a bunch and play as badly as we can, we should win handily.


  3. Anonymous

    SEC games are won at the LOS. The pundits were giving USCjr the upset talk because they were one of the three most physical teams we played last year along with ND and Auburn. Mizzou put up some points early because of busted coverage. The soft defense and the lack of running production shows that they do not have the physicality or toughness at the LOS to withstand being pummeled for 60 minutes.

    I fully expect our defense to come out in a 2-deep set. I expect Mizzou to move the ball early but for coverage in the secondary to get tighter and tighter to squeeze the life out of their offense.


  4. Can’t we even get a “Deandre who?” from Lock? Odom got these kids sterilized, just boring if you ask me. Even resident shit-talker Terez Hall had nothing but compliments for UGA this week. Guess they learned from Debo’s whiff.


  5. The Truth

    The entire reason I don’t dismiss Mizzou as quickly as I did SC — even though most of the same rationale regarding why we should dominate them applies — is that Lock is a really talented kid. But I’m going to be disappointed if we don’t score 50, and I think if he has a chance to go even higher, Kirby won’t rein it in this week.


  6. The Dawg abides

    I don’t bet on sports so I haven’t checked today, but as of last night the line had barely moved despite an overwhelming amount of the bets on Georgia to cover.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    That upset special meme only works so long. I guess they were figuring we’d gack one up at SC.


  8. Down island way

    It’s the old, ” i’ll be wrong 15 times to be right once” the only way to get noticed……..GO DAWGS!


  9. Macallanlover

    Since I bet UGA -10 against the Cocks, I am forced, kind of, to bet UGA -14 this weekend. This Columbia isn’t nearly as hostile (how did that work out?) and the Tigers do not have as good of a defense. They do have a dangerous offense though, so I am also going with the Over in this game. I think we learn a lot about our secondary, but not much more about our run defense or pass rush. We already know we have a kick-ass offense.

    Should be fun to watch but I don’t expect the thrilling experience we had to survive at the end of the game on our last trip to Columbia, MO. But, I do think we will get their best shot. We are wearing the Yellow Jersey, with a target on the back, we will get everyone’s best shot….it just won’t be enough for these guys.

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  10. Russ

    41-17 (and it wasn’t that close) during our last “upset special” will do that.

    Dawgs roll big this week. Kirby may even keep the foot on the throttle a little longer this time.


    • 81Dog

      One wonders in Nick saw his protégé put up 42 in the first half last week (not by accident either. When did you last see UGA call a TO late in the 1st half of a clear blowout.) and decided to send a message beyond the Grove by ringing up 49 by halftime. Perhaps the student noticed the master’s response, and will be looking to drop the hammer in ColaMo.


  11. ChiliDawg

    Mizzou probably has a little more oomph on offense than SCU, but their defense is probably even less competent. 51-20, Dawgs roll.


  12. William Bigham

    What does it really mean when someone says they’ll give it their best shot? I’m a little confused. It’s gonna be another statement game if you ask me.


  13. ASEF

    If I were Missouri, I would save my best shot for South Carolina, since they’ve already used theirs.

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  14. AusDawg85


    *On Thursday, Georgia announced that the school has self-reported five violations to the NCAA — only two of which involve the football program. Both violations occurred in the spring. The other violations all occurred in the women’s golf, basketball and gymnastics programs in Athens.

    According to Georgia’s report, the first violation involved football recruiting, when a sophomore prospect had a nametag printed out against current NCAA rules.

    The other football violation occurred when a staff member had his flight paid for during a trip to visit another coach. The unnamed coach had to pay back the cost of the flight and a shuttle to make amends.

    As noted above, Georgia is not anticipating any punishment to be handed down following the self-reporting of these two minor rule violations.*

    There is a rule about name tags?? But not coddling spouse abusers. #NCAAISWINNING

    And the authors were a little too quick to assume that McG won’t ask for a major punishment…just in case, you know.


  15. whb209

    UGA can not win this game..
    The major NAME TAG RULE will get us. Our AD will suspend the starting O and D, that is 22 of out top players, for the next 4 games. No one knows why he will do this. But it sounds like something he would do.


  16. Hobnail_Boot

    I’ve read and heard a few “Georgia’s first real test of the season” talk, which is laughable given how trendy the Gamecock upset pick was.

    Dawgs roll in CoMo.


  17. illinidawg

    Mayfield scores on the Rose Bowl play against the Jets!