If you build it, we will come.

Dan Mullen does a little cart before the horse projecting:

Can’t wait for next year’s meeting with the AD.  “Sorry, boss, but we finished 7-5 because the fans didn’t show up.  Out of my hands…”  Yeah, that ought to work.


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  1. Now, according to Gator fans, college football ended in 2016. RIP 1990-2016

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  2. Uglydawg.

    Could it be that DM is trying to be Sabanistic with his criticism of attendance (or in ‘Bama’s case, early leaving attendees)? Nick chastised the ‘bammers and now Dan’s chastising the unwashed hoard.

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  3. dawgtired

    Funny how we fans keep telling each other that our enthusiasm has zero to do with team success, but the coaches keep telling the media they need the stands full and loud. Weird.


    • Macallanlover

      Didn’t seem to bother USC or Miami, but he is right about impacting recruiting in the South. The glitz of bling and electric atmospheres do seem to be a factor with many recruits. Could this also be a chicken/egg question? If so, both Mullen and Pruitt could be in for a slow build.


  4. Chris Austin

    I think Dan needs some 5 star hearts in his program and fan base.


  5. There is some truth to that. Today’s recruit want to see a packed stadium, being adored before and after the game. They want what TV tells them should be. And right now, UF just isn’t giving them that.

    Auburn boards were pretty furious after the LSU game. Not only about losing, but about the large number of empty seats. What was the big worry? Recruits – Optics.

    I do think Mullen will get the Gators back to respectability. With the caveat that they give him time to do so. I thought he would have them back in 3 years – 4 years tops with this year doing better than expected because of the supposed talent coming back. But with that O-Line and weak QB play; I think its going to take longer. Add to it, that the talent on defense is the older guys and they are about done. This may be a 5 year project. And where will Georgia be in 5 years? Florida could very well become the ‘Auburn’ of the East. Occasionally rising up and biting the Dawgs, but at the end of the day sitting around 9 or 10 wins, while watching Georgia win the East and play for the SEC Championship and potentially National Championships pretty much on an annual basis. Same with UT. Will be interesting to see how both fan bases handle that… My prediction? Empty seats – lots of them…

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  6. Got Cowdog

    Hey, whats that orange glow to the south? Oh look! another one to the north?
    Are those dumpster fires?


  7. Thorn Dawg

    Dan was crazy to leave MSU. He’ll be looking for a new job in four years.


  8. Muttley

    There’s also an inverse relationship between championships and losing to Kentucky.