Under pressure

A couple of stats from the good folks at CFB Film Room:

Now, I don’t want to go too crazy here.  For one thing, it’s a small sample size.  As Mike Griffith notes, Fromm’s only been sacked three times in 2018 and one of those came as a result of a protection breakdown by Cade Mays.

For another, Fromm is completing about 80% of his pass attempts, so, while this may be somewhat noteworthy, it’s not exactly dragging his season down to the depths of despair.

But it’s worth keeping an eye on today, if only because Mays is again the likely starter at left tackle.  I would expect Mizzou to dial up a few exotic stunts and blitzes on his side to see what he’s capable of handling at this early stage of his career.

One other odd stat that Griffith cites is how Fromm’s done throwing the ball in third-and-long situations.  To date, it hasn’t been pretty.

Fromm is 0-for-6 converting on third-and-10 or longer this season. The results on those six plays: an interception, three sacks, a 5-yard completion and an incomplete pass.

Four of those plays came against South Carolina, and two against Middle Tennessee (both sacks, one with a fumble recovered by teammate Ben Cleveland).

Again, one of those sacks was the result of a protection bust, but the other was due to Fromm holding the ball too long.  I can’t say I’m overly worked up about it — last season, Fromm’s passer rating in those situations was a respectable 153.33 — but I do wonder if Thomas’ absence and Wims’ departure have had an early effect.

As I said, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on today, although reality suggests that we’ll be seeing another heavy dose of the run game.


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3 responses to “Under pressure

  1. sniffer

    Tony Barnhart says we will learn a lot about Georgia today.


  2. AusDawg85

    I suggested this the other day when the post was about the awesomeness of our OL and maybe that safety cushion was making Fromm hold the ball too long. If a D’s pass rush becomes too explosive, I think the change of pace to Fields being a better scrambler can slow it down. Do stats vs two overmatched cupcakes really matter yet?


  3. Macallanlover

    Surprised Thomas made the trip. Can only mean they will use him if needed, thought we had enough depth to not push a button like this. All reports had him being less than a 100% participant all week.