Excuses, excuses

I’m not trying to make light of Missouri’s effort Saturday.  The Tigers could have thrown the towel in early in the second half, but did their best to hang around instead.

Still, it’s kind of nervy to hear a guy who finished with an 82.4 passer rating playing the “we beat ourselves” game.



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  1. mwo

    We got their best shot.

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    Well, at least it’s better than ‘the refs beat us’ coming from many of their fans.


  3. atlasshrugged55

    I see it more like we had a full pasture of thoroughbreds & they didn’t. Subsequently, when an opportunity presented itself we had someone in position to pounce & make them pay.

    It certainly wasn’t our finest day but their lack of play-makers was what cost them. From Campbell scooping a fumble to Stokes (& 5 others) coming in on a punt to Holloman making a great catch & run, we’re loaded superior talent.


    • Dawg1

      Exactly, as your comment is about a true frosh, a RS Frosh (and his posse), and a Soph, the latter 2 being 2nd or 3rd stringers.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    Ultimately, Georgia played a fairly crappy game, yet still outgained them and won by two touchdowns. While it was frustrating at times, I was never worried about a loss.


  5. Cojones

    SOD did a great job against us and there were times when the game was in question with the Tigers. I never saw them in anything except upset mode and I can’t say that about SC. Their running game was impressive and except for a few injuries, they could have taken that game while we ran around wondering what was going on. Yes, Deondre covered their big weapon that was playing with a groin injury and it could have been different if he had been in full health. One of their players played with a broken thumb.

    Quiet determination can put you in the sweet spot and Mizzou almost pulled it off if their defense hadn’t weakened some in the 3rd qtr, but we showed them the same resultant from our D that let them match us score for score. As shown by our injuries and their ability to move both our lines, they played hard-ass , old-man football without fanfare and I hope we don’t meet anyone with that quiet determination to whip our ass for the rest of the schedule. I can’t get any pleasure out of trying to reduce their effort against our great collection of superb athletes. They deserve a “job well done” for their play and I’ll bet the team feels pretty much the same way this morning and upon reflection.


    • dawgtired

      I was impressed with SOD’s offensive plan and play calling. I won’t joke about him for a while.


      • Agreed. SOD called a much better game than Chaney did. Maybe OC is where he should have been all along.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Very surprised they didn’t go deep when they fell behind by more than one score. Longest play was a 25-yard catch-and-run.

        Some of it was on Lock, some of it was on the coverage and disruption from our defense. but given last year’s success you have to put some of it on Dooley.


      • Uglydawg.

        I think we just got the wrong impression of SOS when some hillbillies held a shotgun on him and made him don those orange britches.


  6. Jimmies and Joes > Xs and Os

    We made big plays in all 3 phases. They didn’t. In today’s college game, that’s the difference.


  7. The Truth

    “We beat ourselves” is a strange animal. Certainly, there was a blown coverage/assignment on the Mecole bomb. But Jake still had to make the throw, and Mecole still had to make the catch. It’s possible that if Mizzou had done everything just right on that play we still make it. But they made a mistake, so they can say, “We beat ourselves.”


    • “We beat ourselves” is code for “We gave Georgia our best shot and it wasn’t enough.”

      Senator, I propose this as a new lexicon entry.


    • CB

      That wasn’t so much blown coverage as it was a db getting shook out of his shoes and subsequently burned. In one way or another that was the case on all three TD passes. Our receivers were better athletes than their db’s.


  8. MDDawg

    I can kinda see where they’re coming from. The punt got blocked because they let 6 guys through the line against a 3-man shield. And there was one INT off a tipped pass that wasn’t Lock’s fault, his receiver just had bricks for hands.


    • Russ

      Yeah, I agree. I can see their point. Of course, we screwed up a bunch as well. But we were ripe for the beating if Mizzou played a perfect game. They didn’t.


  9. Dawgy1

    I’ve never heard so many ifs, ands, but’s, woulda, coulda, shoulda from a fan base whose team lost by 2 touchdowns while the opposing team burned the last 2 minutes taking a knee on their 10 yard line….just shut up Missouri!


    • 98grad

      Point well made…our offense has shown restraint in the 4th quarter of each game this season. How much hand-wringing would be going on if we hadn’t shown restraint and won by 3 or more touchdowns? Kirby will coach these Dawgs up, I have no concerns…Kirby doesn’t care about style wins, just wins which he and the team got on the road by 2 touchdowns to an SEC east foe. Job well done.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Drew Lock might be the player I dislike the most in the 2018 SEC. He’s incredibly lippy for someone who has nothing to back it up besides a big arm and a loss in the Texas Bowl.


  11. Well I see a lot of Georgia people claiming we were lucky. Losing 4 starters to injury is luck alright. Forcing turnovers and scoring off of them isn’t luck, though. The refs weren’t in our pockets.

    If we’re gonna talk about luck in the water I’ve seen then Missouri was lucky we only won by 14.

    But, yeah, even Odom was kinda playing the we beat ourselves card but he gave a little credit as well.


  12. Dawg19

    Well, according to Florida players, it’s really boring to play there so…you know…maybe that was it.


  13. Busta

    Yea, McGregor beat himself too by blocking Floyd’s punches with his face…if only I bobbed when I weaved…

    Hardman was covered initially, he faked the safety who bit hard to the sideline as he blazed up the middle…there was no catching him.

    Odom ought to preach that to his team, hopefully they beat the brakes off of fU and Toothless. Can’t let em get too down on themselves as a HC.


  14. Macallanlover

    I didn’t think the article was inaccurate, or the claim “they let one slip away” that far off; incomplete perhaps but I am not upset like many of you. They certainly made some mistakes, and they had some injuries. Now the rest of the story was UGA made at least as many mistakes, and had more injuries. And it goes without saying, SOD outplayed our OC, it could have been worse for them.

    Mizzou played hard, was tougher than we expected, and they exposed our weakness in the defensive middle. Had we not made several undisciplined penalties, and went after their pass weakness all game instead of going all 2016 with play calling, we would have won by 4 TDs. But we needed that wake up call, thanks. We will take a 2 TD win, go try to solve the defensive problem before Red Stick and, hopefully give the crayons to someone who is a better artist.


  15. HiAltDawg

    To be honest those are the type of comments that get you beat the next week, too.