“I’d bitch, too, the way we’re playing.”

Georgia Tech fans can rest easy in the comfort of knowing Paul Johnson holds them to the same level of respect he does for his staff and players.

Coaching, Johnson said, “is one of the few jobs that 100 percent of the people can do better than you.”

Uh, somebody misspelled recruiting there.



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24 responses to ““I’d bitch, too, the way we’re playing.”

  1. ApalachDawg


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  2. Bright Idea

    That’s about all Fish Fry is doing….bitching.


    • gastr1

      No doubt. My desire to see Tech continue to lose with him at the helm is in conflict with my desire to see him get canned and go back to FCS.


  3. DawgFlan

    Come on coach, this beautiful set-up only works if you win enough games to keep your job!


  4. 81Dog

    two words: guaranteed buyout.

    Fish Fry is bullet proof. They’d have to pay him, and then scratch up the money to pay the next guy….who will likely demand improved facilities, etc in addition to a large contract, knowing it will take years to recruit a conventional football roster after PJ’s efforts. Good luck with that,


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    The ‘revisionist history’ line was the best. As if to say…what did you expect? Classic Fish Fry.


    • Russ

      But it’s true! The nerds don’t know how good they have it. They need to make Paul (the) Johnson their own personal Bill Snyder. I want to read smart-ass comments from him as the Tech coach for at least another 20 years, or until they give up football. Whichever comes first.


    • Bulldog Joe

      The fans just don’t realize how good they have it.

      Only O’Leary, Gailey, and Mac McWhorter have better winning percentages since Coach Dodd left.


  6. There is no coach in the country who better represents the fanbase of the school more than Johnson. Just a miserable, “I’m smarter than everyone” asshole with a million built in excuses for why he’s losing.

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  7. Bulldog Joe

    On game day, there were over 72,000 fans at a soccer game, over 35,000 at a baseball game, over 20,000 at other college football stadiums, and another 20,000 on a golf course, all in his city.

    If it weren’t for the Clemson fans, his game would have been completely irrelevant. He has an aging demographic and a product that does not appeal to young people.

    Tech is in big trouble.

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  8. William (the other one)

    No Coach Johnson, the job you’re thinking of is teacher.


  9. Randall Adams

    My favorite comment… About a third of those there were there for Clemson… 1/3 my backside… Maybe 1/3 were Tech fans…


  10. Doug

    [Somewhat] serious question. Let’s say Tech boots CPJ after this season and replaces him with a coach who runs a more conventional offensive scheme. Ordinarily I’d advise Tech fans to tuck in for a couple very lean years as the new coach attempts to overhaul the roster with recruits more suited to running the new system.

    Considering how poorly CPJ has recruited, though, does that become less of a concern? Does one failure negate the other?


  11. R. B.

    Whatever happen to the Tech Fans that use to troll the Dawg sites?


  12. Texas Dawg

    In his case however it is true


  13. stoopnagle

    That article says Tech has won an ACC title under PJ, but they haven’t have they?


  14. CPark58

    Dude is a great coach at a small school or military academy, IMO, but P5 football is a different ballgame. It requires way too much emphasis recruiting and politics to be that big of an asshole to everyone while wallowing in mediocrity.

    That said, he’s the best triple option coach there is so Tech should just keep riding that horse and be content in its quirkiness because when they do make a change to a normal offense they will be indescribably bad for a long time. Unless, of course, they want to go after Willie Fritz, the last successful GSU coach.


  15. Careful Brad

    Just remember, it takes a few years to really open up the playbook. Once he gets his own players running his system it’s over for us!