Rise and shine, campers. It’s Tennessee Week!

So, who you got in the pool for the first member of the media to ask Jeremy Pruitt about the new indoor practice facility?


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40 responses to “Rise and shine, campers. It’s Tennessee Week!

  1. The Chattanooga paper beat guy … he’ll say he’s asking for a friend.

    It would be funny if Kirby gets asked about it for him to say he would love to take Pruitt for a tour as a way to say thanks.


  2. ElectroM

    Seth Emerson

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  3. Bulldog Joe

    Won’t be Loran, Barnhart, or Dowdle.


  4. Last went to Knoxville for ‘99 ass whipping in the rain- swore I would never, ever go back to Neyalnd (or Calhoun’s) unless I was absolutely certain we would win the game.

    Too bad we are at home this year.


    • Remember the Quincy

      You missed a hell of a good time last year. My 6th trip to Knoxville, 3rd win I’ve seen there, and this was by far the best.


    • Sweet D

      How very hardcore of you lol.

      I can’t say much, I said the same thing about Jax. I hadn’t been since the late 90’s but luckily decided to go last year. It was a glorious trip.


    • Whiskeydawg

      No worries Hardcore, I have a feeling the way things are going next year will be a great time to visit Knoxville. The fragrance of burnt orange in the air shouldn’t be missed.


  5. dawgtired

    I’m really looking forward to this game in anticipation for the size of the spread in which we crush them. I want to make a permanent scare on the record books. I have my reasons.

    On a side note: This is the week Ohio St. plays Penn St. I think we should give this game the honorary name “The Enabler Bowl”. The pedophiles vs the wife beaters. No, if you’re wondering, I will never let them forget!


  6. dawgtired

    Oops. Should be permanent scar. I guess scare would work though.


  7. Salty Dawg

    I am savoring everything TN ass whipping that’s going to go down Saturday. It will please me.


  8. ChiliDawg

    We’re going to make the game last year look like a children’s movie.

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  9. Austin Cope

    Perfect game for the smoke grey… I mean black jerseys. Am I right, or am I right?


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Most of the Tennessee coaching staff’s HS relationships are in our area.

    If there ever was a ‘no mercy’ game for recruiting, it would be this one.

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  11. Whiskeydawg

    I just saw that Tennessee’s whiteboard is refusing to travel to Athens on Saturday.

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  12. You name the program and I’d rather visit there than Knoxville. LSU? Sure. They’re mostly drunk and usually just having fun. Tennessee people are actually salty jerks. Every time we’ve been there, since like 2005, has been an exercise in patience. Tennessee fans are what happens when you put everything into one thing that you can only watch.

    I remember walking out of Neyland in 2005 and these just out of college aged guys are in our faces and whining about how they used to have so much fun in Athens and with Georgia people and I said sure, you were winning then, too. My dad and I walking out of Neyland last year and we’re getting cussed and a drink thrown at us by a woman. The freaking game was over and fans emptying the stadium by halftime but here they are in the lots.

    Screw Tennessee. May they suffer for many more years and may we have no mercy on them come Saturday.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      Think about it. Kirby allowed the team to hang 41 on Sakerlina, and Mushchump is his friend. Pretty sure he flipping despises Pruitt. He’s gonna put 70 on that dood.


  13. steve

    You knew it was just a matter of time. Fat Phil is eating his lunch in Jeremy’s boxers and the never-satisfied fanbase is chirping. Jeremy channels his Zac Smith anger by dropping an attempted three-pointer using a white board instead of a football. Apparently he kicks a player straight from the sidelines to the traffic lines because of disobedience…. and the 20 yr old player has to school Jeremy on class and perspective using social media….Just when you thought the dividend checks were dried up…….Jeremy will have a shock collar fitted and Fatso will be thumbing the red button before the year’s end.


    • 69Dawg

      LOL Love the shock collar image. I just hope the Dawg’s offense GATA in the first half and don’t wait for the 3rd.


      • steve

        If ’69Dawg’ means you graduated in 1969 then you may remember the UGA UT game in Athens in 1969. Raining and UT ran up and down the field on us. I think they had a RB named Chip Kell who made us forget football included the concept and action of tackling. I had just broken up with a long time gf and was funked out and depressed past the curative effects of PBR. Anyway, we lost and their fans were typical….but nowhere near as nasty as Auburn scrum. I think that was the day I started to hate Orange.
        I can close my eyes and see the field, hear the rain, and feel the double weight of two losses from 50 yrs ago right now. I was sitting with my favorite uncle that was nothing but kind to me.


        • Salty Dawg

          I was at that game!!! Yes, I remember that miserable, rainy day. It was back when you could still smuggle liquor in and drink. Drunk, obnoxious TN fans. Yuck. That was my first game and when I started on my life-long of hating all things TN. I learned that “no fruit sucks like the big orange” that day and it’s still true today!


          • Cojones

            What were you doing sitting on the Tenn side? They don’t have the cojones to do that in our parking lot; not now and, especially, not then.


    • ChiliDawg

      Over/under on how many players don’t even travel back to Knoxville on the team bus?


  14. moe pritchett

    Part of me wants to feel sorry for them. The other 99% wants to see them driven bofore us and hear the lamentation of their women.


  15. Dolly Llama

    Good God Almighty, the Vols are 32.5-point underdogs.



  16. AusDawg85

    Got to believe Kirby wants to hang a hundred on this guy. I hope he worries less about “imposing our will” and let’s our guys go wild. Add some trickeration just for the insult please.


  17. moe pritchett

    Rut roh Raghu. Tilme change to a 6pm kickoff?!?? Clarke county as a whole might blow a .50 on a breathalyzer.


  18. dallasga6

    Line opens at Dawgs -32.5… 🙂