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Today, in Heisman Watch

Reading this, it suddenly dawns on me that Tua Tagovailoa is the quarterback whom Auburn fans mistakenly think Gus Malzahn has going into every season.


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“Just clean it up. That’s it. Just clean it up.”

After dropping the ball somewhere in the vicinity of Missouri’s goal line, J.J. Holloman sounds like a man who’s had his come to Jesus meeting and walked away convinced.

Holloman already has a plan the next time he’s nearing the end zone: “I’m tucking it. I’m tucking it. I’m not dropping it. I’m holding it the whole time.”

Good on him.  Now we’ve just got to worry about the next Dawg who wants to look cool at the end of a big play.



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Advanced stats are still feelin’ the Dawgs.

Let’s round up the usual suspects.

The fan base (or at least a visible part of it) has been more freaked out over the Missouri game than the computers are.  In fact, if you’re looking for something really interesting about Georgia’s first four games, check out Bill’s percentile performances (figures in parentheses are offense, defense):

  • Austin Peay:  89% (84%, 94%)
  • South Carolina:  88% (87%, 78%)
  • Middle Tennessee:  73% (82%, 69%)
  • Missouri:  81% (35%, 37%)

In short, notwithstanding a 4-0 start and a +125 points differential, Georgia still hasn’t played a game in which it’s been hitting on all cylinders.  (By comparison, the 2017 team played nine games that finished with a performance percentile in the nineties.)  Kinda scary, isn’t it?


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“He’s being Jake, and that’s what we need him to be.”

Fromm may have started slowly against Missouri, but that didn’t stop him from having another good day.

What’s more, that’s after Fromm had a season-high 10 incompletions this past Saturday against Missouri. Fromm was 13 of 23 passing for 260 yards and 3 touchdowns in the 43-29 win over the Tigers, but that didn’t tell the whole story of his day’s work in Columbia, Mo.

According to Pro Football Focus, it was Fromm’s best day as Georgia’s quarterback. That’s because he attempted 10 passes of more than 10 yards and completed five of them. Fromm’s average completion was 20 yards. Grading on a pro scale, that gave him an overall rating of 77.7.

Fromm’s rating went up to 89.2 against the blitz, according to PFF. He was 7-for-11 for 146 yards and two touchdowns when Missouri came after him. Georgia’s offensive line deserves some credit for that as well. He was “under pressure” on only five of his 23 drop-backs on the afternoon and they gave up statistical hurry only twice.

The surrounding cast didn’t hurt, in other words, but it was still up to him to execute.  He sure isn’t suffering from a sophomore slump.


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It’s still Tennessee Week.

Congrats to Jeremy Pruitt for establishing a new program benchmark.

Not even Booch pulled that one off.  This is going just like Fulmer expected…


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