It’s still Tennessee Week.

Congrats to Jeremy Pruitt for establishing a new program benchmark.

Not even Booch pulled that one off.  This is going just like Fulmer expected…


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  1. I just don’t see us covering the 31 barring a TO margin of 2+. Hopefully I’m wrong and UGA wins 77-0. I see this more of a 34-10 type game where the O faces additional questions/concern afterwards after another slow start.

    If you are inclined to bet on this, one thing to keep in mind is that, unlike most SEC coaches, Smart doesn’t exactly have a cozy relationship with Pruitt. Also, they are really going head to head on some major recruiting battles, so I could see Smart really wanting to hammer UT as a way of showing both Pruitt and recruits that the Vols are far, far behind UGA as a program.


    • Biggen

      I’d be disappointed if we finished the game and only scored in the 30s. We should be up close to that by the half.

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    • Mad Mike

      Why can’t we cover? I’d say Sakerlina is a much better team than them, and we beat the breaks off of those guys. We didn’t play like the #2 team in the nation at Mizzu, but when bring our A game we are no doubt.


    • ChiliDawg

      1.) we beat them 41-0 last year in their house, right?

      2.) did you SEE how bad they are?

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      • dawgtired

        Yep, the only thing saving them from a 60-0 type game will be Kirby giving as many young players PT as possible. This game will be reminiscent of the games against AP and MTSU.


    • Sanford222view

      The Vols only being -2 in TO margin would be an improvement for them.


    • Anonymous

      Serious question here for everyone: What do we really know about Kirby and Pruitt’s relationship? We know that Kirby made no attempt to keep him on as DC, but Pruitt was the one Kirby had take his wife to the hospital when she was in labor (that could have simply been because Pruitt was his subordinate at the time). Pruitt seems to speak highly of Kirby. It is obvious they are friends in the way that Kirby and Boom are, but does he actually dislike Pruitt? What are y’all’s thoughts / evidence?


      • stoopnagle

        I’m guessing Pruitt’s comments about Kirby using knowledge of Bama’s recruiting board when he came to UGA are a good indicator of where they’re at.


  2. Got Cowdog

    My conditioned response is: It’s Tennessee. UGA has historically face planted in a game it was supposed to win. Any team can beat any other on any given Saturday.
    I’m picking the Dawgs to win but not cover.

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  3. Just win. 32.5 is an absurd number.

    Stop the run and win.

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  4. Beer Money

    I think Kirby gives as few shits about betting lines as Paul Johnson does about recruiting. That said, I felt like this and the Florida games might be the ones where Kirby wants to send a clear message that the gulf between either program is the widest it has ever been and is only growing.

    I also think Kirby wants to send a message that it is not as simple as hiring a Saban disciple and “magic” simply “happens.”

    Lastly, our staff is well aware of the chaos in Knoxville and the recruiting advantage this continues to give us. Hammering them into submission will only further things along.

    It is gonna be tough to get gift after gift like UF got last weekend, but we can force our fair share. Look for a few sacks on Saturday as well.

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  5. Salty Dawg

    The higher the score, the better! SIC “EM DAWGS!


  6. Austin Cope

    Black jerseys are an automatic +10 points in favor of the Dawgs.


  7. Spike

    Send a message indeed. Just like last year’s mud stomping..


  8. DawgByte

    A reminder to everyone. We beat them like a drum last year to the tune of 41-0. I think we’ll be able to force at least 2 TO’s and then by the 4th Qtr. pound them into the ground.


  9. ApalachDawg

    We are going to break their will by the end of Q1.
    UGA 54 – ut 10
    That 10 gets scored late against the walk ons.
    We still have a lot of payback for all the BS in the 90s – & Kirby knows that.
    Dawgs steamroll the hillbillies.

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  10. ASEF

    Georgia, coming off a sloppy game, against an opponent dealing with some locker room drama on top of a confidence crisis, with a massive talent gap between the two teams.

    I think Georgia covers easily, mainly because I think Smart is going to demand 60 minutes of execution, much of it from his starters,

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    • Muttley

      Not only that, but also: we tend to look at our own performances and issues in a vacuum, as if we’re playing against air. Our guys will be focused on cleaning some stuff up this week, but UT’s mental state is the key story here. That is a battered, traumatized, neurotic football team right now, playing scared silly.

      But maybe a week of Honorary Coach Fullamerde bellowing ancient coachisms and clapping his chubby mitts in practice will fix all that.

      Otherwise, get out your copy of the 2010 game and run that for a preview.


  11. ChiliDawg

    I see we’re still plagued by the doubting Thomases.

    Georgia rolls, 51-6.

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      I agree, Chili. The house better be 100% full from beginning to end. You don’t get many of these in a lifetime. This one is going to be fun to watch.


  12. Charlottedawg

    I predict the Dawgs come out looking very sharp on both sides of the ball, mainly due to the fact that Missouri was such a sloppy game/ semi wake up call. Not sure the final score but could easily see Dawgs with 30+ on the board by halftime.

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  13. Will Trane

    Sure the Vols, Pruitt, former UGA coaches on that staff, and remainder of staff are getting fed these comments.
    If you think you will see the same team Florida saw, think again.
    Why not let it play out on the field.
    If you dudes are so bold in your predictions, put your money on the line, and come back Sunday morning and tell us how much you won.


  14. Channeling my inner Saban here- this is similar to when we beat Florida as 27 point dogs. This is also similar to the hobnail boot game. We can’t worry about their struggles because they’re hurting and hungry. We’ve to play to a standard, not to the competition, ok? I wish you guys would talk about things that needs to be worked on so we can show the players, ok?


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Look for the hobnail boot play and 34 running over Bill Bates on the scoreboard during Battle Hymn. Extra cheering is in order and then keep it up the entire game.


  15. 31.5, huh? I don’t like it


  16. Macallanlover

    FU got 7 turnovers counting the safety, doubt we see that Saturday, so the gulf isn’t that wide as the score indicated. UGA wins comfortably, and could easily cover, just don’t think it is a slam dunk. We are banged up, need to get some playing time for backups and rest the starters, so it is a crapshoot to me. My guess is we do cover but could easily give the margin away with 3rd teamers in the 4th and TN gets a backdoor cover at the end. Wouldn’t bet a lot on UGA because Kirby doesn’t need a 40 point win as badly as he needs to develop some young players before the stretch run. Think we win something like 48 to 10, but could let them score one more time rather than trot 1st or 2nd teamers back out there to save one last inconsequential TD in the closing 2 minutes. If he decides he has to drive a point home, we could win by 45+.


    • j4k372

      The UT turnovers and boneheaded coaching decisions by Pruitt were what killed them last weekend. At the start of the 2nd quarter, UT had just kicked a FG to make it 3-14. FU had scored two consecutive TDs on turnovers, but the UT defense had stuffed them on the first drive. Seemed clear to me that you kick the ball deep and bank on Franks screwing up.

      Pruitt opted for the onside kick that failed. UT defense stopped FU, but that lead to FU putting UT on the 2 yard line and a safety. UT kicks to FU and Franks hits on a 65 yard TD one play later. That’s a nine point swing and it’s game over midway through the second quarter.

      Some bad luck on turnovers for sure. I think Pruitt realizes he doesn’t have a very good team, so he tries to do tricky stuff. Someone should have told him that FU doesn’t have a very good team either.

      Franks again threw for less than 50% completion rate. Everyone should realize you make Franks beat you, because he has to play the game of his life to do so. All the Mullen QB whispering in the world is not going to fix his accuracy.


      • Macallanlover

        Good post. We will see what Florida has this weekend in Starkville, and I think it will confirm your thoughts on them.


  17. J.G.

    Jackson Harris back at practice ( Maybe we can get some blocking from the TE position. Not that we need it this week. Or the next.


    • Matthew McKinney

      This has been an interesting storyline to me. Why the dropoff in TE blocking? Is there a TE conspiracy against Fromm to coerce more passes?


  18. I’d never bet on a Georgia game anyway (I’ve been to games with people who do, ugh) but there is no reasonable way you’ll convince enough to put money on it. A lot of folks are just giving money away.

    Can we cover? Sure. That a horrible bet though.


  19. Was reading Volnation and came across the following post..

    The OP has access to tickets to the game Sat & was wondering if he should go, had some good replies, but the best was from jonnon111 and it states..

    Just ask your wife to drop kick you in the crotch and save the gas money. It will probably be less painful.

    I don’t care who you are, that there is funny!


    • HiAltDawg

      Thank you for sharing, although, this will just probably inspire everyone’s “Inner””Munson” to top vol fans’ trepidation about Saturday


  20. Fuck Tennessee.

    When I attended law school (1995-1998) they were in the middle of 10 year run of wins against us.

    My pick:

    UGA 220 – Tenn 0.