Chaney haz a crayon.

Haterz gonna hate, I know, but, still, stats


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  1. Mayor

    I know they play in an inferior league but UCF leading the nation in this category—wow.


    • ASEF

      Playing FAU appears to help tremendously. They play fast, so you get a lot of possessions, and they don’t defend, so you get a lot of points.

      Oklahoma and UCF combined for 23 drives and 17 touchdowns against them.

      UCF adds Connecticut, who is surrendering 55 points a game, and South Carolina State, a FCS team that held them to 38. That’s UCF’s resume.


  2. TN Dawg

    The real Natty showing the way.


  3. Bright Idea

    Just think if milking the clock wasn’t our main goal.

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    • dawgtired

      Exactly. Our routine game plan that includes pounding the ball once a comfortable lead, lowers the stats. If we’re ever in a battle late in the game, that plan will be shelved for more aggressive play calling. Of course, with our run game, it’s not necessarily conservative. But it is a little harder to gain yards when everyone in the stadium knows you’re going to run the ball.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    But the Missouri game!

    A fun stat that occurred to me last night is that Georgia hasn’t trailed yet through four games. Missouri was the first time they’ve even been tied at any point beyond the 10:42 mark of the first quarter.


  5. kfoge

    With Chaney its not so much the overall game. Its these 1, 2 or 3 drives a game or even a few plays. On 3rd and 1, if you spread the field with 3 WRs and have Holyfield in the backfield with 7 in the box is probably a 1st down. Instead we bunch up and EVERYONE knows what play is coming and there’s 9 or 10 in the box and it gets congested. Its those moments that make fans go crazy over his play calling. Also, I don’t recall any jet sweeps or even a swing pass to Cook.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      I agree. There were some mind boggling calls. We threw the swing pass to Cook once real early. Jake made a bad throw but it still went for 10 yards. We never saw it again for some reason.


    • JT

      There is nothing wrong with showing confidence in your OL. The OL if it is the dominant unit we think it is, we should be able to line up and run a dive for a yard. You can go back and watch the play the right tackle didn’t get movement and then the DL shed is block clogging the hole.


      • gastr1

        Yeah. And there’s nothing wrong with expecting Cade Mays to know the play well enough to not lean the wrong way at the snap so he gets whipped at the line and Holyfield is stuffed in the backfield for a four-yard loss on 3rd and 1. Sometimes the failures aren’t because of the play call.

        That said, I think if Fromm had thrown to the sidelines or deep the whole game on first or second down, we’d have put 60 on that team.


    • moe pritchett

      I think he gave a swing pass to Cook vMizzou


      • Brian Dansby

        My least favorite is stacking 3 tight ends to bring every defensive player right there and then run where they are stacked.

        Least favorite series vs Mizzu was after Tae’s interception. 7 yards and we didn’t once run a tailback.

        I’m hating on Chaney less because he has good stretches but “Run the ball, Bobo!”


  6. Austin

    Can’t wait to replace Chaney with Bobo in a year or two.


  7. Reinmart

    And I was called “out of my mind” when I said Bama and tOSU look like to 2 best teams a couple of weeks ago. I think the Dawgs still have a lot of growing to do to get to where we want to go.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I would call that a huge overstatement. S&P+ puts Georgia slightly behind those two teams so far. FEI puts Georgia ahead of them, and FPI puts Georgia very slightly behind Ohio State and fairly significantly behind Alabama.


  8. Dolly Llama

    Way off topic, but no doubt of great interest: Kelly Bryant is transferring from Clemson.


    • DawgPhan

      think we could sign him?


      • Otto

        He would be a natural at Auburn if Stidham is not coming back. I don’t see UGA being in the mix with a possible QB battle next year.

        The more interesting thing is will the transfers me changed to adjust to the new Red Shirt rules? How will teams recruit QB with a more fluid transfer system? Could athletes which are dual threat QBs in HS but are generally recruited to be WRs and DBs become more valuable as they could be a fallback plan for depth at QB?

        Miss St and Oklahoma run dual threats and will need a new QB next year. Florida could be in the mix as well.


    • 69Dawg

      This will become the new normal. The age of having more than two great QB’s for more than one year are coming to an end. If the NCAA changes the transfer rules so that they don’t have to sit a year it will become the wild wild west.


      • Otto

        Hope it doesn’t happen.


      • MGW

        Not necessarily never going to have only one, but the best better well be the older guy or he’s gone. If you have natural class separation which we appear to, you’re fine. But as soon as the young guy in the QB room takes the reigns, the older guys who are any good are gone. Which if they’re concerned about an NFL career, they ought to go.

        Think of it this way, if last year’s two top drafted QB’s had happened to go to the same school for college, and stuck it out like most people think they should, only one of those guys is going pro. The other will be a footnote in some school’s record books.

        Need to have straight 5 years of eligibility. That way a QB in Bryant’s position would at least finish the year then go, rather than be forced to chose between quitting after four games, or giving up the realistic chance to start again.


  9. DawgPhan

    On paper the offense should be very good this year. On the field the offense has been very good this year.


  10. Erk's Forehead

    Chaney can coach an offense with great players. Who make plays in spite of him. He occasionally gets the call right. But you can’t argue the fact that he has massive brain farts. Example 1: The play calling following the pic against Mizzou that ended with a FG inside the 10.


  11. Charles

    Now show me offensive points per drive per recruiting star.