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Today, in all in

Penn State:  watch us go to great lengths to cover for and honor a head coach who turned a blind eye to criminal behavior by his assistant coach over a period of time.

Ohio State:  hold my beer.

I’d say these people are assholes, except I’m afraid that might be insulting to assholes.



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Bum’s rush

I don’t get the backpatting here.

On Wednesday, Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant announced that he would be redshirting for the rest of the year and transferring, essentially removing himself from the Clemson team. This comes after Clemson coach Dabo Swinney announced that freshman quarterback Trevor Lawerence would be starting against Syracuse on Monday.

Bryant called the decision by Swinney a slap in the face, as Bryant posted a 16-2 mark as a starter and led Clemson to a College Football Playoff a year ago. But Lawerence is a generational type talent, as he was the No. 1 overall recruit in the 2018 class. And Swinney’s faced a decision like this before. In 2014, Swinney went with a veteran, Cole Stoudt, over a hyped freshman, Deshaun Watson, to start the season. That Clemson team lost to Georgia, but had Watson, who led Clemson to the 2016 national title, started maybe the game ends differently.

We’ve laid all of that out to say that juggling a quarterback room is no easy task. And yet, Georgia coach Kirby Smart has done a pretty great job of it so far. In his first year, he turned to the generational talent in Jacob Eason. While the team went 8-5, no one would say that was the wrong move. Last season he again turned to a freshman in Jake Fromm, even through Eason had more raw talent. But again, the results can’t be questioned as Georgia was a handful of plays from a national title.

As for this year, Smart is sticking with experience—and also it’s not like Fromm is a bum.

He’s not a bum.  Cool, man.

Does anybody really think things would be different in Athens than they are at Clemson had Fromm been benched in favor of Fields?  I sure don’t.

Kirby’s doing a great job — dare I say he’s not a bum? — but let’s not act like he’s got some unique skill here.


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When “no comment” isn’t enough

This Mike Gundy story is something else.

Gundy has a senior who announced he’s transferring.  Evidently that’s supposed to be a state secret.

Incredibly, the media made a joint decision to “honor” Gundy’s directive.  Then, somebody decided to grow a baby backbone and explain to readers why the silence.

Represented in the circle were the O’CollyThe Oklahoman, the Tulsa World and Pistols Firing.

The original decision that we all came to agreement on was that we would put a disclaimer in our story explaining the threat and why we didn’t ask players about McCleskey’s transfer.

Can you guess the punchline?

Then we were notified there could be repercussions for reporting on Gundy’s threat.

We then contacted Lang, who urged media members to leave the threat out of the story to avoid possible consequences.

Mike Gundy is a snowflake.


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He’s been hurt, hurt, hurt…

Based on what I’ve seen, I can’t say it’s a real big surprise to learn that D’Andre Swift’s groin is still giving him trouble.

Swift said he has been dealing with a groin injury that has been going on “for a while.” He also said he dealt with a similar injury in the spring, and added he felt fine against Missouri when he ran for 71 yards on 16 carries.

Ba“I get treatment like seven in the morning every day, just try to do it three times a day before practice just to get ready for practice,” Swift said. “But I’m good now.”

That depends on your definition of good.

Swift said his injury is the kind that takes time to heal, “but unfortunately, I don’t have time right now.”

Swift at 80% is still a productive player.  Swift at 100% is a stud.  It would be nice if he could get some rest before LSU.


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