Today, in all in

Penn State:  watch us go to great lengths to cover for and honor a head coach who turned a blind eye to criminal behavior by his assistant coach over a period of time.

Ohio State:  hold my beer.

I’d say these people are assholes, except I’m afraid that might be insulting to assholes.


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  1. Dawg Vegas

    Gameday should have the guest picker be a survivor of either childhood sexual abuse or domestic violence. Make a statement and make it mean something

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  2. This game has become a meteor game for me.

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  3. acfritze

    You put the nail on the head, Senator.


  4. An Asshole

    As a longtime, fully functioning asshole, I’d find any comparison to these people highly offensive.

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  5. Got Cowdog

    Un-fucking-believable. Is this some sort of a joke?


  6. Navin Johnson

    Damnit. Holding my tongue. I’m taking my comment and depositing it over at the playpen. Or not at all.

    Discretion is the greater part of valor.


  7. ChiliDawg

    This is the most tone-deaf thing I’ve seen since yesterday.

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  8. ScoutDawg

    May be your most pithy, catch phrase ever.


  9. ASEF

    “Ur-ban Li-ar clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

    “I made a better sign, but Urban covered it up”

    “Urban deleted my other sign”

    “Urban often forgets but never forgives”

    “Urban’s forgotten more crimes than Tony Soprano”

    May this counter-branding never die.


  10. PTC DAWG

    The comments on that are pretty funny… guys here need to pick it up.


  11. Robert Hoover

    Penn State is planning a white out where all the fans wear white t-shirts. OSU plans to wear all white uniforms. They will look like the team the fans similarly dressed in the stands are cheering for on Saturday. The white noise is the Penn State version of the ‘black out”. It’s actually an inventive strategy.


  12. MurphDawg

    That comment thread on Twitter is a glorious roast fest. What a bunch of idiots in the PR and Marketing departments at Ohio State.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    #WinTheMoment #LoseAtLife


  14. Hobnail_Boot

    Or, the Plausible Deniability Bowl

    Go Meteor

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  15. stoopnagle

    Tone Deaf; but not outrageous. I mean, taken out of the context of Urban’s lying – which, honestly, what didn’t we know? – it’s just football banter.


  16. Chuck Kraemer

    Raises the question of when, if ever, someone deserves forgiveness for behavior that damages another human being. Is it just the passage of time? Maybe this comment should have been reserved for the Playpen.


  17. Cojones

    The little Big 10 East. Included is Mich St.


  18. PTC DAWG

    2ndly, I thought you were on vacation…put down the device and step outside and enjoy the view.


  19. W Cobb Dawg

    The halftime show can show both male and female cheerleaders getting bitch-slapped and abused.


  20. Macallanlover

    ohio getting blistered, as they should. signs at Gameday should be good, hope someone posts them as I plan to miss them live and in person. What a showcase for the big14. Suck it Delany.


  21. Russ

    Here’s the antidote to the aOSU bullshit from North Texas. They’re unretiring Mean Joe Greene’s jersey number for one game to honor him. The tweet they sent out was awesome.