A note from wine country

You are looking at the main building of TH Estate Wines, Terry and Jennifer Hoage, proprietors.

We visited there yesterday and met Jennifer, who graciously spent time with several folks who wanted to talk a little Georgia football as much as wine.  (If you’ve never tried any of their products, they make some terrific Syrahs.)

Anyway, one little tidbit to share.  Several of the wines have names that are subtle references to football.  In discussing that, the subject of Hoage’s block in the national championship game against Notre Dame came up.  Jennifer mentioned that Terry sees that play as the one that really got his Georgia career going.

By the way, Terry is planning on visiting Atlanta and Athens next February to do some promotional work.  If you’re a Dawg fan who enjoys good wine, it might be right up your alley.


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19 responses to “A note from wine country

  1. DC Weez

    All wine-loving Dawgs should make a pilgrimage to TH Estates.


  2. Minnesota Dawg

    Terry Hoage….my all-time favorite Dawg when I was growing up. Incredibly smart and interesting guy, too.



    This came to mind..


  4. Margaret Goodman

    Very cool his degree in genetics comes in handy in making wine!


  5. Derek

    Not enough love for Terry. 3.8 (maybe 3.9) in genetics as I recall. Made THE play of the natty. Got the crowd on its feet on every kickoff. Total bad ass on the field. Two-time consensus AA.

    A lot of people doubted he could be a pro and 13 seasons later, he retired.

    Herschel, Hines, Pollock and Hoage are on my UGA Mt. Rushmore.

    I’d have checked it out but Paso Robles is in the middle of nowhere. Good on you for making the effort.

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    • Ozam

      Amen…. Very few in the crowd had even heard of him when he made that block against ND. We were thinking Terry who?? He is definitely a starter on my all-time Dawgs defensive team.


  6. Mary Kate Danaher

    I’ve had The Hedge, which was outstanding. Enjoy.

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  7. Russ

    Not a wine drinker, but I’d buy some just to honor one of my favorite Dawgs. I remember cornering Munson in the hotel before the Cotton Bowl (I think) and we asked him about the team. In true fashion, Larry said “Hoage, with those miserable knees, was going to try to play”. After that, whenever someone mentioned Terry Hoage, we’d always follow up “with those miserable knees!”


    • Bulldog Joe

      The ‘Munson’ w(h)ine would be a great tribute.

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      • Derek

        I think you just crossed a line dude.

        Expressing concern and even predicting doom, is not whining. Not even close to the same thing.

        “Whining” has no positive connotation. Munson has no negative connotation. (Unless its Woody Harrelson in Kingpin.)

        I boo Joe’s offensive attempt at humor and will not call you by your first name because that would insult Larry’s memory and that I cannot do.


  8. Gurkha Dawg

    Hoage is second on my all time favorite Dawg list. Herschel first of course, then Hoage, with Scott Woerner third. Some of the best times of my life were watching those guys play.

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  9. PatinDC

    Adding a trip here to my bucket list.


  10. All Day, Hoage Hoage Hoage!


  11. Big Shock

    When I was a kid, I wore 14 for Terry Hoage. He was also one of the first guys to push his socks down, so that was my look too. We always drive to southern CA on spring break, so hopefully we’ll make a stop at the winery one day. Have fun, Senator.


  12. TXBaller

    Thank you for sharing.


  13. HiAltDawg

    I always regretted them being closed when I visited Paso Robles. My friend’s wife who’s big into wine liked the Hedges so much I leveraged it into a gateway to pulling for the Dawgs, lol


  14. Parent

    Oh yes! Can’t wait to visit! Another Dawg friend and tailgate member gifted us one of the TH Syrahs some years back. It was autographed so we kept it for 3 or 4 years before opening. Turns out, we aged it just right and enjoyed with a a couple of fantastic Cubans. Paso Robles may be a little off the beaten path, but produces several fantastic wines, not just TH. Hope the trip has been wonderful. We are planning something similar in 2020.