Always be controlling

Nick Saban, as you might imagine (not that it takes much imagination), isn’t too fond of the new transfer rules.

“It’s a pretty slippery slope, not just for seniors but for all players on a team,” Saban said on Wednesday’s SEC conference call. “We have a responsibility and an obligation as coaches that have programs that we support the players and help them be successful, personally, athletically and academically.

“And then they have an obligation on their side of it to play.”

You left out “for me”, Nick.

This isn’t indentured servitude.  If you want your kids to stick around, you’d best come up with some means of making them want to stick around.  Otherwise, they’ll pursue that obligation to play somewhere else.


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24 responses to “Always be controlling

  1. Bulldog Joe

    What did Saban say when Jake Coker decided he didn’t want to play at Florida State?



    I guarantee you Saban doesn’t like this. He has a stockpiled roster…same with Kirby….

    Why did Saban ever change jobs?


  3. MDDawg

    Are athletic scholarships still only good for 1 year?


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Saban doesn’t like getting Processed®.


  5. I enjoy seeing the millennial and bad teammate comments trotted out as if this isn’t a direct result of the Sabans out there abusing transfer rules and leaving their players blowing in the wind. Reminds me of current political things- people will straight up lie to themselves and others for their cause and then guilt others who are actually objective.

    The really really bad thing about cfb is how utterly delusional some people are. I have no doubt that these same people will turn on the Sabans when/if their program starts losing and there is proof in other programs.


  6. Nashville West

    Nick hasn’t got time for any damn 13th Amendment stuff.


  7. Derek

    Short of finding 13 kids freshly buried under his house drenched in his DNA I doubt anything will stop the 24/7 rush to man crush on this guy because “winning” but he’s a damn disgrace. It is ALL about HIM!

    Where was this attitude when he was running off Mike Shula’s chaff? Fuck this guy always and hard. I hate him him with the heat of 1,000 suns.

    Where was his obligation when he brought Taylor on campus? (I still say that’s worse than what Urban did, just a different time.)

    Die Nick Die!


  8. Bright Idea

    Saban recognizes that it’s full steam ahead toward free agency and he plans to coach another 15-20 years. Who can blame him for not wanting to give up his position.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    “Only register them enough hours to say eligible, Aight?”


  10. Biggen

    I guess I’m in the minority here that tends to agree with him.

    Player transfers didn’t happen like this 10 (or even 5) years ago. Now, if a coach yells at a player or even look at him the wrong way, you may see him on the slideline of your rival next season.

    I’ve changed my tune a bit from not believing we should incentive players (more than universities already do with free healthcare and paid tuition) to actually believing that it’s probably not enough. Universities are making bank on these guys so I think some of the pie needs to be kicked their way. But if we do this, I really think that players SHOULD NOT be able to transfer and play immediately unless its a graduate transfer. If you want a piece of the pie, then you play where you said you would play, else, transfer and then sit a year.



  11. ATL Dawg

    It’s always amusing when control freaks in power start to lose some of their control.


  12. kfoge

    So I’m new to this transfer rule stuff. I know that you can play up to 4 games and still redshirt. In the case of a transfer who only plays in 4 games (Like Bryant at Clemson) and transfers counting this year as a RS year, does he still have to sit out next year?


  13. DawgFlan

    Put that Coca-Cola down!
    Coca-Cola is for controllers.


  14. ASEF


    Really nothing to disagree with in the article. He says that players can definitely benefit from doing with KB did, and he also says that players have some obligation to the program to try to find some common ground first – which they do. As developing adults, not football commodities.

    Again, he’s not faulting that they can transfer like this at all in my reading of his full quotes.


  15. Jack Burton

    I’m not sure why any college football fan is ok with transfer situation in regards to the 4 game redshirt “loophole” or whatever we want to call it. It’s only going to lead to situations that coaches will manipulate. Next season, for instance, a shitbag coach like Urban would start Kelly Bryant this week and then name Lawrence the starter in essence blocking the player from taking advantage of this new rule. It’s a bad look for everyone at that point.

    There is no place for free agency in CFB. I do NOT include the grad transfer option in my “free agency” comment. If a kid graduates and has a year of eligibility left and wants to play, good for him. He earned it.

    If a kid is unhappy and wants to transfer, fine by me. But losing a starting spot and quitting after 4 games should not be a part of CFB.

    I certainly do not wish injury on any kid, but if Lawrence goes down this week I sure hope Bryant feels like a huge dumbass…especially after he transfers to a power 5 school and sits on the bench next year like good ole Zaire.