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Tough neighborhood

Somebody posted a great line last night about Georgia — “the best time team in the country not playing its best” — so it’s worth keeping in mind that despite whatever angst you may be suffering through at the moment, the Dawgs are undefeated atop the SEC East.

That beats the alternative.

It’s also worth noting that succeeding in the SEC is nothing to sneer at these days.

None of which should be construed as a prediction of smooth sailing.  This team continues to look like a bunch that at times clearly coasts on its immense talent against sub-par opposition.  That leaves the question of whether they have it in them to step it up when the other guys are better and that’s something nobody knows until the time arrives.

But they’re not exactly chopped liver, either.



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“That team in red today tried to change the way we thought.”

Tennessee didn’t turn the ball over six times yesterday, so Jeremy Pruitt channeled a little of his inner Booch at the post-game presser.

“Our guys kept fighting, which means we’re headed in the right direction and that excites me. That’s why I’m getting a little bit emotional.”

They’ve still got those five-star hearts on the roster, I guess.


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Just showin’ off

I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call this art…

… but it’s something, alright.


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