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Now he’s just trolling us.

Somehow, I think even Phyllis from Mulga knows the correct answer to this one.


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Third downs as a window to the soul of Georgia’s offense

When you think about it, there are two valid ways to deal with third down conversions:  either be very good at them, or avoid third down situations as much as possible.  It appears Georgia is taking the second approach to heart this season.

The Dawgs are fifth in the conference in third down conversion percentage, but what’s more noticeable about that stat is that they’re twelfth in third down attempts.  So, while the one obvious weak spot in Georgia’s offensive situational stats is third-and-10 or longer passing situations, that’s been relatively meaningless because the offense has only faced those eight times this season.

Factor into the equation that, per Bill Connelly’s S&P+, Georgia’s offense is getting over 80% of its first downs on first and second down plays, and you’ve got one efficient bunch.

Sometimes, stats don’t lie.

Given the five-star talent on the roster, it would be easy for this team to try to flash its way to wins, but, instead, it’s been built to succeed by being efficient on both sides of the ball (& of course, Rodrigo).  It’s working, too.



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“I don’t think they’re entitled to anything, either.”

Shorter grumpy Nick Saban:  “hey, you kids, get on my lawn.”


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Georgia Tech’s “secret sauce”

According to Tech’s AD, adding majors or lowering the school’s academics standards in the hopes of aiding recruiting is nothing more than “recruiting hype.”

On the one hand, that seems like a convenient excuse for the genius to fall back on in the face of criticism over his recruiting.  On the other, does anybody seriously think recruiting on the Flats would significantly improve if Tech’s academic standards were relaxed more?


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“We’re just trying to be the best that we can.”

And when it comes to defending the deep ball, Georgia’s secondary is doing a pretty darn good job of that.

Georgia will enter Saturday night’s home game against Vanderbilt ranked second nationally in fewest yards allowed per completion (8.37) and third in fewest yards per attempt (4.98). Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart said after last Saturday’s 38-12 triumph over Tennessee that it was tough to gauge the play of his secondary because the opponent didn’t take many deep shots, but the Volunteers are not alone in that area.

Kirby says that’s by choice — the offensive coordinator’s choice — but really, how often is someone going to choose to challenge Deandre Baker with the deep ball?

Derek Mason does a good job of summarizing what Tucker and Smart do defensively with this:

“They also do a good job of letting a four-man pass rush work for them. It hasn’t resulted in a lot of sacks, but they have been able to pressure the quarterback and play tight coverage. This is a well-coached group that understands its opponent. They’re going to keep the ball in front of them, and they’re going to tackle.”

Georgia is last in sacks in the conference.  Ditto in tackles for loss.  But, guess what?  In defensive yards per play, the Dawgs rank first in the SEC.  The same goes for opponent long plays from scrimmage.  (Amazingly, Georgia has only given up five plays of 20+ yards all season.)

You want to beat this defense, you’d better be patient and consistent for a full sixty minutes.


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If you made a participation trophy into a coaching contract…

… it would look something like this.

$2g to score first, or lead at halftime?  What’s next, a thousand not to have offsides called on the opening kickoff?

I continue to marvel at athletic directors’ gullibility.


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