Jake Fromm’s passing chart

It’s an interesting mix of the great and slightly disappointing.

Jake is freaking killing it in the intermediate (10-19 yards) passing game.  I’ve said it before, but there is no one in college football who can throw that sideline pass better than Fromm does.  His short passing game is pretty ridiculous, too.

The other nice thing this shows is that his throwing has become more balanced.  Compare the above with this chart from last November.

He’s much harder to defend because those directional splits have disappeared.

Also note that he’s thrown the ball behind the line of scrimmage at a much greater rate than he did in 2017 and it’s been very productive.

What’s disappointing, though, as the second chart indicates, is that his downfield game (20+ yards) has regressed:  the completion rate is about 15 percentage points lower and his TD/INT ratio is much worse.  No doubt some of that is on his receiving help, but still.  Some of that may explain why Georgia is going deep at a somewhat lesser rate than it did in 2017.

Overall, though, those charts paint a pretty good picture of a quarterback who is steadily improving from what was an impressive freshman season.


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11 responses to “Jake Fromm’s passing chart

  1. The other Doug

    28 attempts to the right and 28 attempts to the left. Dang.


  2. DoubleDawg1318

    It is good to see Jake is seeing more of the field, but he clearly still can’t see the middle well. His deep ball and performance under pressure have regressed which is probably why he looks off to me.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree about the middle, but that is where balls are likely to get batted down and deflection occur. Really need the TEs to get more targets from Chaney’s calls. Fromm’s deep throws have been there, or very close, and a couple of catches could easily have changed these numbers. I do think he has a lot of talented receivers despite a couple of key drops. Fell we may see more passing success tomorrow night as we get ready for the trip to Red Stick next week. I don’t think we have shown the deep game we are capable of.


    • A10Penny

      I don’t see regression on the deep ball, I just don’t see Wims anymore.

      I do see a QB trying to hold onto the ball longer. I suspect he’s trying to figure out how long he should hold onto to it, whereas last year it was clear he was trying to avoid sacks and fumbles and was quicker to throw it away.


  3. AusDawg85

    We’re missing a big receiver who can handle the deep back shoulder pass like Wims. Hope we develop one in the coming weeks as we need to have that threat against better D’s.


  4. I think the most likely explanation is that even last year, he wasn’t hitting WR in stride on deep passes. There were a lot of 50/50 jump balls that we got more than our share of.

    This year there is a regression to the mean on those.


  5. WH

    Teams last year absolutely had to sell out to stop the run, or they would be pulverized by the Chubb-Michel-Swift triple threat. I haven’t don’t the math to see if that’s happening less, but it seems obvious that our run game is no longer ridiculous, but merely great, and Jake Fromm is no longer an unknown quantity. Teams dared Chaney to throw last year and he made him pay. This year, I think those same teams know they can get beat by the deep ball a lot faster than by the slightly less dominant run game.


    • Russ

      Last year through 5 games we totalled 1187 yard rushing and 748 passing. This year, we have 1252 yard rushing and 1099 passing. So, the numbers don’t support your argument.

      (Not meaning to contradict, I generally agreed with you so I wanted to check the stats.)


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Lot of good points here – I really think Jake does miss Wims, for example. But for me the thing to look at is that last year there were a bunch of great QB talents in the SEC. Fitzgerald, Franks, Stidham and Bentley come to mind quickly. A year later, Jake is getting better, and the others? Not so much. I think the only one in that group doing better this year may be Franks, and that bar was awfully low to start with.


  7. jt (the other one)

    I wonder how Godwin being out affected him? Also tomorrows game is the second time this season the same 5 start the game for consecutive games. I believe those two factors probably have something to do with having less 20+ yard throws downrange.