The GPOOE™ shows his ass.

So much for Tim Tebow, class act.

It’s not that they aren’t showing up, genius.  It’s that they’ve got better things to do on a hot day than stay to watch the entirety of a second half of a game when the cupcake has already been seal-clubbed to death.

If we’re talking need here, maybe ‘Bama needs to schedule a better opponent.


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  1. Got Cowdog

    Exactly. I heard Saban’s spiel the other day and thought the same thing. You want better attendance? Put a better product on the field. By product I mean something worth showing up for and the #1 team in the country beating up on a glorified Louisiana High School ain’t it. I don’t like it when UGA does the same thing.
    Oh by the way, Timmy the chaste can go fornicate himself. I never liked that asshole and still don’t.

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  2. He’s a terrible TV personality. Unlike professionals like Pollack, he wears his UF fandom on his sleeve. I hate to give Finebaum credit for anything, but he does enjoy roasting Tebow when he makes biased un-researched statements about the Gators.

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  3. Nate Dawg

    Remember when that ‘class act’ would taunt the crowd and it was totally cool with like, you know, the refs and stuff cuz he’s so adorable or whatever..? Good times.

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  4. Hobnail_Boot

    I guess count me in the minority. Either stay for the whole game or give up your tickets.

    I don’t care if UGA is playing Clarke Central. We only get 5-7 games a year at Sanford. Why the hell would I want to leave early?

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    • If UGA is playing a cupcake, the question I have instead is, “Why in the hell would someone want to show up in the first place?”

      I don’t bother to tune in to the cupcake games on TV anymore, even for a few minutes. Now that I’m closer to my death bed than the day of my birth, life seems to short for that.

      Like the students, I have better alternatives.


    • JCDawg83

      You’re in the minority. Attending the games is supposed to be entertaining and enjoyable. Sitting in blazing heat watching Georgia stomp a cupcake into the ground for the first half and run the ball up the middle to eat clock in the second half is neither.

      As a whole, college football attendance is declining and the geniuses running the football programs decide the answer is to schedule horrible opponents and then have the coaches and St. Timmy lecture the students about staying for the entire game. This is similar to the US automakers in the 70s and 80s. They produced a terrible product (games against terrible competition) and when buyers flocked to Japanese cars with better quality (the other things to do on Saturday), the automakers answer was to tout “Made in the USA” and try and shame the public into buying their crap.

      Left alone, the free market and competition will solve almost every problem.


      • The Dawg abides

        Yep. I believe declining attendance is what will finally push the SEC to a nine game schedule and beer sales. That’s a start and all the conference can do. It’s gonna be up to the schools to enhance the customer experience at the games. We’re way behind the 8 ball there.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “Either stay for the whole game or give up your tickets.”

      Like many thousands, no millions, before and after me, I did give up my tickets. So it appears the folks buying those tickets feel they can leave when they please, like I did. if the powers that be and Timmy don’t like it, they can go f%#k themselves or do something positive to address the problem.


    • AusDawg85

      Hobnail, I’ll buy my tickets, not go, and the lard ass next to my seats will enjoy it. So there!


    • I agree Hobnail. I left the opening game early for the first time ever. My wife, who is pregnant, got overheated so we left at halftime. That’s an exception. I believe in staying until the end to show your team support. I’ve sat through many a loss until the bitter end.


  5. OrlandoDawg

    You want to stay? Stay. You want to leave early? Leave early. Why does either side owe an explanation to Timmy or Nicky or anybody else?

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  6. Bulldog Joe

    He’s gotta promote the brand.


  7. TomReagan

    Reading his comments, the linked article, and the picture from the article, I think the complaint is about not coming at all and not leaving early. That’s why Saban referred to a first come first serve policy for tickets. To prevent students from getting tickets and not using at all.

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  8. ChiliDawg

    It’s a window into the mind of Tim Tebow that he thinks everyone is at school with “daddy’s money.” Kind of reinforces what a sheltered privileged life he’s had.

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    • 92 grad

      Yeah, don’t give a crap about what these media people think but if I were going to be outraged it would easily focus on that “daddy’s money” statement.


      • ChiliDawg

        Some of us worked our butts off to earn academic scholarships and still worked nearly full time jobs while going to school to get through it. And then, we were only allowed to go to half the games because the University couldn’t give out tickets to all the students who wanted them, so we got “half-season packages,” which of course included 2 games you really cared about and 2 that were noon snoozers.

        So yeah, Tim can go fuck himself with a hammer.

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    • stoopnagle

      You said it, man.


    • Window of his mind? Damn.

      It is certain you talk about “privilege” a whole lot more than Tim Tebow. How may times you typed that word this past week alone on GTP or whatever other places of your internet?

      Lighten the fuck up, man.


  9. Argondawg

    Tebow is salty over Saban not getting the attendance Saban wants? How about STFU Timmy.


  10. Malcolm X

    I love the lectures from a guy who makes $8.5 million dollars and a guy paid to gossip about football. Can you imagine any other business where the boss man tells the consumer “buy my product you jerk.”


    • sniffer

      Television commentary is no longer about simply selling airtime. Its about illiciting an emotional response from the viewer. Get mad? Watch longer! If you think Hannity or Scarborough believe much of what they’re saying, your fooling yourself. Anyway, I’m weary of being lectured by anyone about anything.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    I was in San Diego last month. SDSU had fireworks after their game. One of the longest fireworks shows I’ve ever seen! That show kept more than a few fans in their seats.


  12. Geezus

    And to counter Tebow’s point: Those same “daddy’s money” students will be the ones that the university will be hounding for donations after they graduate. So I guess they are paying for the product on the field.


  13. Khari Vion Jr.

    I heard last weekend was “Family Weekend” at Bama and the students were only allowed to get 1 ticket. So students, in general, decided to spend the day with their families and watch the game on TV, rather than go to the game and leave their family behind. Seems like the school created that situation themselves. No idea how you blame this on the students if you don’t give students the opportunity to get tickets for their families on “Family Weekend”.


  14. ATL Dawg

    Deep down Saban and Tebow know that football is a sinking ship. It’s sinking very, very slowly…but still going down.


  15. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    With any luck, ESPN will assign him to do a game in Tuscaloosa, and he can rove the stands and get some ‘color’ from the Bama faithful.


  16. AusDawg85

    I used my Daddy’s money to buy tickets to a Tebow baseball game…and didn’t go. My Daddy thanked me.


  17. Will Trane

    Gee, you guys get your panies in a wad over that comment.
    Scholarship this, worked all the time, did not get my student tickets to games I wanted, daddy did this, and daddy did that for me.
    What I ask is this.
    Were any of your dudes ever on the sidelines and looked up at those empty seats.
    Why hell not!
    You guys bitch and hate every damn thing people say.
    You dudes are sad bunch!
    Just maybe those guys say this.
    Why should we go out there today and play in the heat coach, lets just sit this out today.
    Yeah, let the sidelines empty out.
    Every notice not one of those players and coaches leave before the game is over.
    Thank you Tim Teabo for calling them all what they are…pussys.

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  18. Nothing beats Section HD

    Suck it Trebek! er I mean Tebow!


  19. Noonan

    Tebow is a Gator. Gators eat boogers, wear jorts, and are generally representative of the lowest strata of society. His opinion means nothing.


    • Dawgoholic

      In reality, I’d bet the fact NFL scouts will get there hands on the tape is a much bigger motivator for Bama players than whether there are 0, 10k, 50k, or 100k watching.


  20. Gurkha Dawg

    As others have alluded to above, this is a good example of capitalism at work. A person’s money ( and time ) will be spent on what has the greatest value to them. You want people to come to the game, provide a valuable experience. When I was younger, I went to every game and stayed the whole game. I was drinking heavily and either raising hell with my buddies or trying to get laid. It was incredibly fun and wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Now, with a wife and kids I find my entertainment in other ways. I don’t go to the cupcakes and probably just watch 10 minutes of them on TV. The games against quality competition are still a blast to attend live. We all value different things at different points in our lives. Of course if I were a student now, you couldn’t keep me away from games. Adam Smith says Tebow and Saban can go fuck your selves.