‘Because I want to beat the hell out of Brian VanGorder.’

Since my world view is that any game that makes the genius look better — outside of Georgia, of course — is good for us, kudos to VanGorder for doing his old team a solid last night.


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21 responses to “‘Because I want to beat the hell out of Brian VanGorder.’

  1. Greg

    Kinda hard to change your system if you do not have the players for it. A lot of coaches do this and have no success….never fully understood it.


  2. 81Dog

    Typical of Fish Fry to take great offense at something. He says plenty of memorable bullshit, too. Like 2008 “we’re never losing to theses SOBs as long as I’m here”, last year ignoring his 0 Fer at home with “I’m .500 in Athens.”

    My biggest beef with BVG is that he ushered the Martinez era in.


    • That was CMRs fault for promoting his buddy to DC, not CVG. Few people around the program then thought WillieMart should have been promoted, and in the end they were proven correct.


    • Holding a grudge for 12 years against a coach that changed the system that your ASSISTANT had been running (everyone forgets that BVG didn’t immediately follow fish fry) is incredibly onbrand for PJ.


  3. McTyre

    Johnson continues to live up to his namesake: his insecurities are a deep deep hole that will never be filled . . . particularly now that his program struggles to win at a .500 clip in the soft ACC.


  4. I’m really surprised how his career and overall stock has fallen in recent years. Not only has he bounced around a ton, his recent stint as DC at ND was a disaster; and things aren’t exactly looking good at Louisville either. For someone who did a great job as DC at UGA, and for someone who comes off as intelligent, again I just don’t get it.

    My only guess is he’s going through the motions and collecting paychecks along the way at this point in his career. Or perhaps the D talent Donnan assembled for him, along with CMRs early classes, was so dominant early on at UGA that they masked any coaching defecencies that would rear it’s ugly head later.


  5. JasonC

    I think BVG go in that mentality, “they’ve only thrown once tonight, surely the next play is a pass” and didn’t call to stop the run… repeatedly.##


  6. Dolly Llama

    Well no matter how you feel about Johnson, nobody who watched that game last night would argue that Louisville/BVG have absolutely no particle of hell left in them. Because that was about as thorough a beating from the jump as you’re likely to see between two P5 teams this year.


  7. BVG at GSU should be a cautionary tale for whoever is dumb enough to follow the Genius at Fech. The roster is depleted and built to run the service academy offense. The defense hasn’t been coached to face a 21st century offense in live practice. Whoever takes that job is going to need a huge buyout to protect them as they do what will be a difficult job.

    If Kirby thought it would take time to turn the battleship of the Georgia program, whoever takes this job is going to be trying keep the Titanic afloat after it hit the iceberg.


  8. “Ok Mr. VanGorder, here are your new hire forms. I’ll give you some time as I know they’re a little complicated if you’re not used to seeing….oh….nevermind then.”



    LOL, whatever works.


  10. Derek

    There’s nothing wrong with that offense in terms of effectiveness. Johnson was hand picked by Erk Russell to come to Georgia Southern bc Erk thought it was the hardest offense to defend that he had seen. I kinda sorta trust Erk on these things for some reason. Oh and there’s a few trophies down there as evidence of his good judgment.

    The problem is that it isn’t NFL friendly because no one is going to put franchise qb’s at risk like that. Therefore, it’s hard to recruit to.

    But if you could convince top ten talent to play in that offense, they would routinely humiliate people.


    • Macallanlover

      Many Top 10 teams ran it in much of the 70s, and some into the early 80s. Itt did not go away because it worked great at humiliating defenses. Defenses had caught up to it because few teams could pass effectively off it (Bear Bryant did that best) It works best because so many teams never see it on an annual basis, and defenses are built to stop what they see the most of in their conference. And the even bigger issue is they cannot recruit a “one week” scout team that knows how to run it in preparation. The first time they see it in operation by players skilled in running it is when the game starts. Doesn’t seem to matter how much film you watch, or lectures you attend; that first half reality hits you in the face.


      • Derek

        I think when the pro style game to college football it led to an “apprenticeship” approach to recruiting. Telling recruits that they’re not going to learn what they need to learn to make the big bucks at the next level is a good sell. Telling them “so what?” isn’t as good.

        Still always wonder what would have happened has Erk been at UGA when SOS was at UF. Would the history of college football gone in a totally different direction?

        No one did more to change the sec from a run first league to a balanced league than Spurrier. Had Erk whipped his ass, who knows?


    • Mike Cooley

      You may be right, Derek but Fish Fry didn’t follow Erk at Southern. He came along quite a few years later.


  11. Athens Dog

    Just a turd


  12. That Louisville loss wasn’t just on the defense. There were enough odd offensive calls, especially early on, that put them in a hole they never got out of. That loss was a total team effort.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m just surprised fishfry doesn’t get his ass kicked. If I were BVG I’d let CPJ know in no uncertain terms that he’d better start running if we ever cross paths in the outside world.