Is it really the Year of the Quarterback for the SEC?

Judging by passer rating this morning, I’m thinking nah.

Tua and Jake are on a level of their own (well, Tua’s on a different level from everyone else, but work with me here).  Ta’amu’s passer rating is respectable, although his ranked (82.37)/unranked (209.45) opponent splits are more illustrative of the season he’s having.

The rest is just a giant pile of mediocrity, or worse.  130 is considered average, and the conference has five starters — including preseason Heisman candidate Jarrett Stidham — currently on the wrong side of that.  Nick Fitzpatrick, also touted coming into the season, is below the Mendoza Line at a paltry 103.86.

From a national perspective, the conference has two of the top four quarterbacks, but from there, it’s only posting two more in the top fifty.  A sign of conference strength this ain’t.



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12 responses to “Is it really the Year of the Quarterback for the SEC?

  1. sniffer

    Stidham is being asked to do the impossible. Carry Gus’s offense when there are no rb’s to pick up the run game and pocket pass for a team not built for that. Lot’s jumping off the Gus Bus(ted) today. I’ve talked to two already who won’t defend him anymore.


  2. Biggen

    Man LSU and AU are I trouble. One will have to have the potential to score 35+ to beat the Dawgs. Who else on our schedule can do this?


  3. Justin

    One place Jake is really excelling is in the second half. 17 of his 23 completions in the second half this season have gone for first downs. He’s completing 85% of his passes and has a 283 passer rating. Exciting stuff. Kid knows how to keep it focused and put people away.


  4. Cojones

    Pits our #4 QB against the #90 QB this week.


  5. The Truth

    GULP! F Franks is the best SEC QB, by current rating, that we have left to face. Let that soak in.

    BTW, has anyone ever been more overhyped for the Heisman — FOR TWO YEARS — than Stidham?


    • Dolly Llama

      Franks is pretty bad, but the rest of that team isn’t. Mullen may be for real, loath as I am to admit it.


  6. Uglydawg

    Kyle Shurmer looked like he was really pissed off about something as the game wore down and his substitute was in. I thought it might be because he took himself out for a play when his ankle was hurt..and they shut the door on him going back in.