It’s not easy to be persona non grata at Maryland.

But Mr. “Blame it on the dead kid” has managed to pull it off.

A Maryland booster who last week made controversial comments about the late Terrapins offensive lineman Jordan McNair was removed from the school’s travel group for Saturday’s game at Michigan after players saw his name on the passenger list for a charter flight, multiple sources told ESPN.

Rick Jaklitsch, an attorney from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, had been set to travel with the Terrapins football team to Michigan on Friday. But when players saw his name on the passenger manifest, they became outraged, sources said, and told athletics staffers, including Cheryl Harrison, Maryland’s senior associate athletic director and chief development officer. Jaklitsch was informed he wouldn’t be traveling with other boosters and the team.

Pathetically, this was the second time the players had to raise their voices about this douche nozzle.

Jaklitsch’s comments upset many in the program, sources said, and earlier this week players informed football administrative staffers that they didn’t want Jaklitsch around any team activities. But he was still set to travel with the team to Michigan until players again intervened. Passenger manifests for Maryland’s charter flights are set in the summer.

You’d think somebody in the athletic department would have the sense to realize letting Jaklitsch jock sniff on the flight wasn’t the best idea, but, hey, he’s a booster.  Who wants to upset a paying customer any more than you have to, right?


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9 responses to “It’s not easy to be persona non grata at Maryland.

  1. As I’ve said before: you really have to love college football to stick with it. The people in power don’t make it easy.

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  2. ASEF

    Boosters flying with the team?

    Damn, that is p.a.t.h e.t.i.c.


  3. Doug

    Eventually schools are going to realize that some boosters create more problems than their dollars are worth, and if a few more player near-mutinies are what it takes to bring that about, that’s fine and dandy with me.